1. BlackberryFan2009's Avatar
    Whats the best way 2 switch BB devices & not lost data?

    I just switched from the 9900 to 9810 on T-Mobile and used the BB desktop software to switch devices. Everything ported over, but i couldnt send or recieve emails even though my yahoo and gmail icon 4 the account was there. I finally got it to send/recieve emails, but then all the previously stored and sent emails disappeared. Doesn't that defeat the purpose of using 'switch devices' via desktop software and then it doesnt do what it is suppose 2?

    How do i switch from the 9900 to the 9810 and retain everything? There must be a way. I am not computer saavy, so can someone please be detailed and tell me step by step?
    12-22-11 11:11 AM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    Did you not get an answer from the first thread you started?

    Sound like it may have been user error.

    12-22-11 11:18 AM