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    Dear Crackberry Community,

    I'm very interested in getting a BB. However, I'm studying abroad for the year and several issues arise (note these are all assumptions and I may be wrong):

    1) Using the American service provider could cost a fortune
    2) How can I use a foreign SIM card on BB bought from Verizon, ATT, etc? What kind of SIM should I ask for of the foreign company?
    3) Which American service provider offers the lowest basic charge for the device, so that I could use that account when I get back in June - I'm assuming that the service providers won't offer me service unless I purchase the device from them...
    4) In light of the assumption above, will Verizon, ATT, etc, give me a SIM card for an unlocked BB from eBay, etc? Does it make financial sense buy one unlocked online vs. going thru Verizon, ATT, etc, and unlocking by myself?

    I really have no idea how to navigate through all of this. I'd really appreciate your thoughtful advice.
    Best, Daniel
    11-11-10 09:09 AM
  2. bbicons's Avatar

    I'd recommend getting a BB with the provider you prefer here in the states and sign a new 2 year agreement (so you get a discounted price on the new device). You can very easily unlock your phone via the internet, then when you are abroad, purchase a bb plan through them.

    1. If you plan on using a US provider for international roaming BB data, I'd run with verizon or t-mobile. Verizon is 64.99/mo for the global BB unlimited intl data. T-mobile i heard was about $20/mo additional for BB intl roaming. ATT charges way too much these days.

    2. Unlock your phone and simpy get a blackberry plan from the foreign provider. The SIM card is a universal standard so it is nothing special.

    3. They are all around the same, of course this varies (depending on sales, promotions, etc)

    4. Any carrier will activate a "customer-owned" device, you just have to be specific when you walk into a store with that intention. When you provide your own device, you do not have to sign a contract. You'll only have to pay for activation. For instance say to the rep, "I want to activate a new line with a device I already own, with no contract"
    4a. I would purchase the device through the carrier you desire here, and unlock the phone- If you need help with this, I can get you the unlock code for the cheap.

    hope this helps
    11-11-10 12:40 PM