05-24-10 08:48 AM
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  1. BoldtotheMax's Avatar
    My favorite would be my current=9700

    Owned a Storm1 and a 8100 Pearl before hand and liked the Pearl...hated the Storm as it had way to many issues. Pearl had for 2 years and was a tank...still have 2 of them as my Mother in law is using my wife's and mine is in desk as a back-up...

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    05-23-10 07:35 AM
  2. still83fifty's Avatar
    My first bb, the one I have now, is the infamous 8350i. Haven't had the pleasure(yet) of owning another one but atm am in love with the phone. I read the horror stories all the time, but the phone has worked flawlessly for me so far in all departments.
    05-23-10 08:04 AM
  3. minasoprano1's Avatar
    Bold 9000. Hands down. Best bb ever made.

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    05-23-10 08:48 AM
  4. Xpimp's Avatar
    Current is 9700, but I still own every BB listed next to my user name. In terms of durability and quality my 9000 hands down is a solid device, with my 8310 in a close second.
    05-23-10 03:42 PM
  5. Username00089's Avatar
    My favorite that I ever owned was the Bold 9000
    05-23-10 03:45 PM
  6. gfest9955's Avatar
    I liked my Bold 9000 for awhile, but when I went to 5.0, the available memory never got above 16-17 mb with all the apps I already had on it -- so it lost a lot of its fun factor.

    As I'm on AT&T, I might upgrade to the 9700 (I just sold my 9000), but I'm really tempted by Android.
    05-23-10 11:09 PM
  7. NinjaB's Avatar
    9700 and 9700...

    and the only berry I've yet to play with is the 9650... which is the ONE that might have a shot at being better...
    05-24-10 03:14 AM
    definately the 9700 .
    05-24-10 03:42 AM
  9. Masahiro's Avatar
    By far, the 9550. However, that may change once the Slider comes out!
    05-24-10 03:55 AM
  10. sj-performance's Avatar
    i currently have the bold 9650...prior to that i had the tour 9630...the best blackberry i have had has to be the 8330. awesome radio..awesome battery life..
    05-24-10 07:39 AM
  11. leecott's Avatar
    Storm 2 is my fav, coming from a Storm 1. Slap a hybrid .517 OS in this thing and you're good to go.
    05-24-10 08:48 AM
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