View Poll Results: What are your BlackBerry plans for 2011?

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  • I'm keeping my current BB.

    15 23.44%
  • I'm upgrading to whatever model is/will be available.

    8 12.50%
  • I will wait to see what new device RIM will put out.

    24 37.50%
  • I'm moving to an Android device or an iPhone.

    7 10.94%
  • I'm undecided.

    5 7.81%
  • I'm getting a Playbook!

    5 7.81%
12-14-10 03:39 PM
31 12
  1. corymcnutt's Avatar
    I have a Storm2 and really like it. My NE2 is up in June 2011 and I want to buy a new phone. I will compare what BBs are available or switch to Android. I long for a larger/faster/LTE/QNX Storm, but I doubt that will happen in 2011. I will also look at the Playbook as well.
    12-13-10 06:08 PM
  2. rewd's Avatar
    I'm looking forward to getting off this horrid AT&T this coming year. I'm closely watching what new BlackBerry Verizon may be offering. If there are no QNX phones by mid year '11 I'll probably be switching to the latest and greatest Android. I'm tired of waiting around for RIM to catch up.. if they aren't there by mid year then bye bye BlackBerry in 2011.
    12-13-10 10:07 PM
  3. ElDuderino2112's Avatar
    I'm planning to keep my 3rd Torch for as long as possible, but if it dies again I'm probably gonna switch to the 9780

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    12-13-10 10:14 PM
  4. pcozzz's Avatar
    Getting my first Blackberry today. So I guess that is my 2011 plan.
    12-13-10 11:07 PM
  5. MayorHaji's Avatar
    My contract with AT&T ends in May. At that point I'll be switching to either Sprint, or VZW, strictly due to coverage. I travel a bit where I'm at and AT&T has some big coverage holes in it. I'm lucky enough to have a work berry already on VZW, so I'm very well aware of the comparison of coverage. I like my 9700, but it's gotta go. I'll get whatever those carriers have available, and go from there.
    12-14-10 10:43 AM
  6. moiselles's Avatar
    Keeping my Torch, which I've had for little over a month now. I'm enjoying it and I'm not getting rid of it for a long time.
    12-14-10 03:39 PM
31 12