1. whitieiii's Avatar
    I might pick up an old blackberry to play around with because I only got the chance to play around with blackberry after their downfall (as some might say) with the Key2, which still is the only mobile I can type perfect on but I'm thinking of exploring an older device and to have it for my collection as I'm loving most blackberry phones and some of them are going for less then $30 and fully working... right now I'm eyeing the Blackberry Style 9670 but that I believe was only a Sprint exclusive back in the day? anyways what was your all time favorite Blackberry device (pre-BB10)?

    on a side note how good is an older Blackberry in 2019? is it considered a basic phone do to not much working anymore?
    07-20-19 08:02 PM
  2. SteinwayTransitCorp's Avatar
    Go with a Passport, it will run most APPS if not slow. But it has the most horse power of any of the BB phones around (OS10).
    whitieiii likes this.
    07-20-19 08:31 PM
  3. Ray III's Avatar
    9930 was the best BlackBerry ever made, only model to get a second production run.
    07-21-19 08:10 PM

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