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    I need some advice from some one who is a blackberry fan/addict/expert/enthusiast, anyways u get the point, on which phone to get.
    Old BB user, 9700 then torch (which was a let down and made me go back to ios, but then bold rescued me) 9900.
    After the 9900 I just got tired from not being able to stream a lot of videos and had trouble with my battery and I thought BB was going down and the next few phones would just try to be IOS immitators so I left and went back to iphone. Didn't buy one just got left overs from my wife.
    I see that BB did not go down but it actually went back to its roots with the passport and the classic!
    I can't decide.
    Passport I want bc more battery and faster processor and just all around better specs. But I'm not sure if the keyboard is a let down or not?
    Classic I like it for obvious reasons, it the classic BB phone, but then I'm worried abiut slower processor and less image quality with the 8 MP camera.
    Has anyone gone through both?
    Its almost mid year, should I wait for the classic 2 or the passport 2 or just the next physical keyboard blackberry?
    05-17-15 02:23 PM
  2. anon(9353145)'s Avatar
    I need some advice from some one who is a blackberry fan/addict/expert/enthusiast, anyways u get the point, on which phone to get.
    You mentioned streaming videos... Either way you're going with a 1:1 ratio so you're going to get letterboxing. But for that reason alone I'd pick the Passport over the Classic. Much higher resolution display, bigger screen, faster processor, better speakers. If video is a key factor, there is no choice really.

    I like the keyboard on the Passport, and as a bonus it's touch capacitive. I also don't find it a problem to use one handed in most scenarios (other than cranking out long messages obviously) and it fits in my pocket just fine.

    EDIT: There's also the upcoming slider, which *might* be released this year, to consider. For videos you can enjoy full screen in landscape and still have the pkb as well. Like the Passport there's no toolbelt, but it does have the fourth row keyboard (the prototype they teased did anyway).
    05-17-15 02:32 PM

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