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    So I remember an article asking the very same question. Although there was suppose to be a part 2 to that article within days, but I must of missed it. I'm sure someone can help me find it, because I haven't read word about it.

    Now maybe the author forgot, or simply never found the time to finish it. Unless there's no real good answer to SAVE RIM AT ALL!!!
    Lol, no I'm just kidding, but seriously though. I was curiouse to know what Kevin's thoughts were on the topic.
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    1. Release BBX handsets 12/2011
    2. Flood with ads for said devices
    3. Offer incentives for devs
    4. Offer buy BBX device and get PB half price
    5. More advertising
    10-21-11 05:45 AM
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    Just for the fun of it:

    1. Clean house - replace deadwood in the company with real talent
    2. Streamline the app development process and offer top-notch support to devs
    3. Start asking questions to every single thing
    4. Get a CEO with vision and passion
    5. Respect clients/consumers
    10-21-11 06:02 AM
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    1. Release BBX handsets 12/2011
    2. Flood with ads for said devices
    3. Offer incentives for devs
    4. Offer buy BBX device and get PB half price
    5. More advertising
    Lol!? I love that your answering the question in my statement, of my question...
    No I do though, and I still stand by it. Infact I'll even restate them for fun in here.

    1) Get a 3rd party vendor (or RIM) to collaborate with Collages around the world. Offering major discount or bundles for school students and staff alike. Also add a new BES service to students (for staff control) who would like the best deal we'd offer with (student fee) warrenty services, to loan equipment.

    2) Was advertising & training. I would have secret shoppers and guidance put into 3d party vendors. Make sure to promote use either in the consumer or development department.
    I'd also like to change our commercials into a more simple way, for none technical consumers can see what make us stand out.

    3) I'd try to invest into the major most wanted 3rd party apps out in the world. Trying to integrate them as best as possible, with all blackberry functions. Along with trying to stabilize App World. So developers get the most money, but to make sure we can sustain that.

    4) Was to gain the most advance technology in wireless connection. Such as NFC, Bluetooth, wi-fi, etc.. As I see the would is heading in that direction fast.

    5) Lastly to integrate my services with everything else. I'd like my services to even be streamable, or live for others to interact with each other if possible. Also for better user experience.

    That's just a brief summary, but here's a link with the page I wrote mine on. It's the third one down. What are the Top FIVE things you would do if you ran Research In Motion? | CrackBerry.com
    Anyone else know the answer to this question? If not, you could always share your thoughts.
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    Nobody mentioned fire the co-CEO?lol.
    10-21-11 06:26 AM
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    Well if I'm leading the pack, I need someone to carry me and my stuff.
    10-21-11 06:34 AM
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    1) Fire everyone.
    2) Hire Crackberry Kevin and DeRussett (sp?) And give them total freedom to do whatever they want, paying them huge $
    3) Buy more RIM stock, sleep-in everyday, workout, and improve my tan
    4) Sell RIM stock 3 years later.
    5) Buy a huge home on the east side of Grand Cayman and drink margaritas all day long.

    I would still probably get an iPhone until those two turned it around.

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    1) Upper Management Gone..........replaced by proactive thinkers
    2) Marketing.............Apple you aint seen nothing yet
    3) New OS
    4) Major incentives to consumers (Especially new consumers)
    5) Two categories of Devices Business oriented and pleasure oriented
    10-21-11 06:48 AM
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    There is one thing and one thing only that RIM must do..They need to complete their next project.

    No no no, I'm not talking about putting out new devices. I'm talking creating a BBX phone that is complete at launch. Has at least all the features of current phones and hopefully next phones. Not 60 days from launch, not at the conclusion of the following season, AT LAUNCH.

    Everyone on here talks about how they don't market their products well enough. Actually, no matter how well you market, you aren't going to sell enough of the os7 phones. The current phones and tablet are NOT good enough. If RIM can put all their energy into a competing product, it will market itself.
    10-21-11 06:56 AM
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    1. Give the QNX team whatever they need and free reign to do what is needed.
    2. Give the TAT team whatever they need and free reign to do what is needed.
    3. Improve the quality of all processes.
    4. Improve the brand name by releasing competitive phones and tablets that are complete and ahead of the competition. This is accomplished by the teams above.
    5. Add exchange support along with other device support for BES.

    I would've mentioned getting developers onboard but I think they have done that with the tools they just released even though many here do not think so.
    10-21-11 07:40 AM
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    1. Hire a good advertising/pr firm.
    2. Remove Jim and Mike.
    3. Hire away Apple leadership at any cost.
    4. Do a BOGO on high end devices.
    5. LISTEN to the customers.

    **** even Steve Jobs would call users. That's priceless PR.
    10-21-11 07:43 AM
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    the last thing RIM should do is give their development teams free reign... RIM has been engineering led from day one and it is the #1 cause of their current troubles.... engineers get caught up in just how neat their stuff is and pay no attention as to whether anyone ever will buy it..
    10-21-11 08:05 AM