1. copperbeech's Avatar
    I did add my work email account (OWA) successfully to my BB Torch (I do receive emails to this address to my BB). But as this is my first BB I am unsure about what synchronization really means for an OWA account.

    Should it be the case that if I send an email from this OWA account which has been composed traditionally i.e. online i.e. not using the BB, should I be able to see this sent email on my BB (as is the case for my sync'd Gmail account)? I don't...does that make sense?
    10-31-10 06:42 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    With OWA, emails sent from your computer will NOT show up on the BlackBerry.

    It does not "sync".
    10-31-10 07:20 PM