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    I will finally be able to upgrade in August and cant decide if I want to go back to a BB or go with an iPhone4. Someone please give me reasons for either or. I really liked my BB I had before. Have an Droid now that was a gift. If I decide to switch to iPhone, why not just stay with a Droid? What pluses are with the iPhone as opposed to a Droid? And what arguments are there for going back to a BB? Even after 1 1/2 years of having my Droid I still miss the BB. HELP!!!
    04-17-12 05:42 PM
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    I dont think anyone can help.. without data..

    August is a tough time, but by then it should be common knowledge as to what the new BB phone looks like and the new BB10 os feels like...so bide your time

    Personally i would never consider changing from a droid, with widgets and customisation to an iphone.. i have an ipad and its quite a castrating o.s. . You go go nuts and rock the SGS3 if you ultimately decide to stay android.. or we may all get wow'd by the BB10.. who knows?
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    04-17-12 06:24 PM
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    Having only experienced BlackBerry and a few playing attempts at an LG Phoenix, I cannot tell you many objective reasons for choosing a BlackBerry over an iPhone or Android. But I can recommend that you go to Android Central and make a thread about this topic. The community there is very nice and I'm sure they will help you. I created a thread about purchasing an LG Phoenix for my brother and I got really positive responses. Go to iPhone's forum website too and post there. You can do some research on the individual models yourself (iPhone 4 vs the BlackBerry you want vs the Android you currently have/want) and see what meets your priorities. Personally, I love BlackBerry and Android; but choose whichever product that is right for you! Good luck, and let us know what you've decided!
    04-17-12 06:46 PM