1. whitieiii's Avatar
    I'm wanting to know what service you guys have on your Blackberry K1, K2, and K2 LE? As much as I want to get Verizon on my K2 it technically isn't supported and AT&T post-paid is too expensive for what they offer... I'm currently using an AT&T data connect iPad unlimited plan in my K2 after AT&T shut off my unlimited prepaid phone plan without notice (guess they didn't want me to keep my $20/month savings) but it's my second device... my service is getting slower and need a better option... what do you guys run for cell service?
    07-21-19 04:34 PM
  2. the_boon's Avatar
    I'm currently on T-Mobile, works beautifully with the KEYone/2/LE
    07-21-19 04:42 PM
  3. whitieiii's Avatar
    I'm currently on T-Mobile, works beautifully with the KEYone/2/LE
    T-Mobile is my favorite company but I get no 4G LTE reception with them anywhere here only 3G at best... even after the merge happens I will not get any better T-Mobile reception because sprint is roaming here only and their roaming is only good for calling and texting and maybe 2G data if lucky
    07-21-19 04:55 PM
  4. howarmat's Avatar
    we have 5 xfinity mobile lines and my bill is ultra low $60 a month. You do need to have xfinity internet though. Next choice would be some MVNO like Red Pocket. Depending on your needs you can get plans as low as $60 a year. Same with Tracfone
    07-21-19 06:01 PM
  5. Chuck Finley69's Avatar
    AT&T is my primary and I’d only go to VZW based on my family usage pattern and my business needs. For me, the next closest option would be T-Mobile due to improving coverage. This has been my choice flow basically the last ten years.

    Businesses charge what they can for the service they provide and that people will pay for it. Business 101 is that if price is your selling point, you have to be the largest to succeed long term with that model. If not, something has to lack.

    I don’t look to switch to aggressively because for average 10 lines on my account, then either T-Mobile or Sprint don’t compete any better than AT&T or VZW on price.

    If four lines or less, T-Mobile seems to be priced the best, yet, that’s old MetroPCS division first, then prepaid and finally postpaid. However, network prioritization will rank the exact reverse since cheapest paying customer is at the back of the line.

    I’d also consider Sprint, but only if the coverage is there for you, LTE only, since if you lock-in a super low price and gain T-Mobile coverage advantages down the road.
    07-21-19 06:35 PM

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