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    This is another article in support of the iPad being used in the cockpits the first being used by Alaska Airlines pilots. What are the RIM Key Account Managers doing with regard to reaching out and getting this type of business which should be right up their alley. These are the types of wins and successes that put RIM further back in the minds of the consumer and business who look for the tools to make their jobs easier.

    The PB is not a GAMING device.....is it????? No it's not.... so come on get aggressive and get after some key business apps and customers to give this tool more life!!!! How many times does this have to happen before change takes place?

    IPads receive stamp of approval for use in American Airlines cockpits
    The Federal Aviation Administration said it conducted "rigorous testing of any electronic device proposed for use in the cockpit as an electronic flight bag, in lieu of paper navigation charts and manuals," and subsequently granted approval for American Airlines to use iPads in the cockpit. The 1.5-pound iPad replaces 35 pounds of paper, which reduces costs on fuel. American Airlines will begin using iPads on Friday. Using an iPad device in the cockpit "involves a significantly different scenario for potential interference than unlimited passenger use, which could involve dozens or even hundreds of devices at the same time," the FAA said in a statement.
    12-14-11 01:03 PM