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    I will try to break down the truth about what vocal activist investors want, what the bandwagoning blog writers want, and what the bank analysts want...

    ALL have taken a negative view of RIM, some may claim they "hope the best" but the reality is most of them want to see RIM FAIL, - they want to appear validated after all the negativity they have been touting. How can I prove they want to see RIM fail? Well I'll just summarize what they are widely suggesting as "fixes" to RIMs "Problems", then break down why all these "fixes" would lead to the utter destruction of RIM...

    Adopt Android: Why would that be a good thing?? Making RIM handsets indistinguishable from other Android handsets will make it pointless to buy a BB when you can get essentially the same thing from HTC etc for less money. Having the differentiation of "BBM on android" would not be enough. If RIM adopted android, then it would ruin their profit margins as they fade into the borg collective of android handset makers, marking the end of the company.

    Splitting up the company, one for R&D and one for making handsets - what purpose would this serve other than to make it easier to sell off huge chunks of the company for short term investor gain?

    Find a suitor to buy RIM - so if Samsung or whoever did purchase RIM, they would likely dismember the company and outsource/integrate their operations overseas to their own corporate/R&D places. Essentially RIM would just be absorbed by a larger fish and ultimately disappear like Palm for yet another short term investor gain.

    Bring in a CEO from OUTSIDE to "shake things up" - This would cause 2 very bad situations, 1 - the soul intention of bringing in an outsider would be for the implementation of such stupid ideas previously mentioned (hence why they are complaining about the new CEO being an insider and all) and 2 - an outside CEO would only mean a revolving door of CEOs enter the picture. Each CEO wreaking havoc, then leaving with huge compensation only to be followed by another reckless CEO. Slowly they would sell out all the value of the company until it finally fails. For those of you who love making Nortel comparisons, see what the revolving door did for that company...

    These Analysts and Blog writers "solutions" are so obviously based on short term gain for maybe a couple dollars in stock value, yet would be completly disasterous for RIM. Its obvious they just want to see RIM go away. RIM is taking a risk to develop their own SW Platform, but it is vital to their continued success that they differentiate themselves this way.

    I remember seeing a news story 10 years ago about BlackBerry vs Palm. They asked a rep from Palm what they thought about BB... he shat all over it, saying how can you compare RIM's crappy devices with their early 90's monochrome screens and crappy tools to Palm's awesome color touch screens with windows CE and amazing applications?? Well look what happened.....

    So to you bandwagoning naysaying analysts: F*CK YOU. I'm tired of your same old drum beat.
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    01-25-12 02:15 AM
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    Hip trends and short-term dividends. You nailed that
    01-25-12 02:25 AM
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    It seems like everyone wants RIM to fail and they take joy in pointing it out.
    01-25-12 05:22 AM
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    Good thing there's a few of us who love RIM and tell these people they're jerkoffs. If you're lucky enough to get just one person to ask "why", you may save a mind.
    01-25-12 09:48 AM
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    Thanks for posting this. You absolutely nailed it. At least the Crackberry Nation understands what's going on.
    01-25-12 10:17 AM
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    They only want iPhone to be original and everything else to be grouped together
    01-25-12 10:41 AM
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    Amen Brother! America hates RIM because they think that RIM = business/corporate = archaic...it's just rebelling against 'the guy' or 'the man'.

    They think their digital freedom and artistic expression is befitting in the hands of Google and Apple and THEY WILL NOT rescind and say they were wrong, I mean what could it do to their integrity? RIM has a long road ahead...

    I didn't realize we were living in the digital 70's age.
    01-25-12 12:14 PM
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    "America" (as a whole) hates RIM now?

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    01-25-12 12:22 PM