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    I am using my 9700 for the time being. I bought a white housing for it and exchanged the black one. I needed a device with a long battery life for this week because I won't be near a charger for a while. I miss my blackberry but it just doesn't cut it anymore.

    My other phone is the iphone4 and apart from bbm, the blackberrys features don't stack up. Email on my i4 comes in quicker than my blackberry. I can text quite efficiently and web browsing.. Well let's leave it at that.

    I am waiting for os6 to drop so I can have a feel where rim is going. I want my phone to be as fast and as "useful" as my i4. When I started using i4 I stumbled upon the dropbox app. The dropbox app for the bb is plain ****.

    Overall I still have hope for os6. From what I've seen its going to be what I need to stay away from i4. I miss my keyboard and trackpad and more than 1 button hardware keys.

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    10-21-10 12:56 PM
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    Good to know, must be using a gmail app for email?

    Honestly something must be wrong with your push email on the Berry as mine are instant...can't get any faster than that, lol!

    Apple iP4 is nice, but in the end is just an opinion. I can't stand the checkerboard effect when browsing, but is no doubt faster and the fact you do it's Apples way ot its the highway, unless of course you Jailbreak it...Also don't want to be another sheep in a heard of...well, a lot of people.

    I had an Apple before, short while, the 3G and I like browsing the web, minus checkerboard, but the cons far outweighed the pro's...also multi-tasking, bahaha!

    I get a long a lot better on my 9700 than any phone I have had.

    Sounds to me you will be hard pressed to find a Berry you would like, so just stick what is working for ya.

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    10-21-10 03:44 PM
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    Yup - people have different opinions. I returned my 3GS. I really wanted the iPhone 4 but I want a user replaceable battery.
    I love my Bberries...ooooone after the other!!!!

    When Apple considers that users are capable of changing their own batteries and provides true multitasking I'll likely buy a white one.

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    10-21-10 03:58 PM
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    I agree you must have an issue with you email because I get it instantly also...I know numerous people with iphones, some in business, some just personally...most really like em...however, when it comes to messaging they all agree BB is better....beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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    10-21-10 04:15 PM
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    Why are you using the BB? I thought the iPhone 4 was supposed to have battery life that rivals the 9700?

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    10-21-10 04:31 PM
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    The blackberry receives my push email slightly after the iphone. Its a matter if seconds really.

    The battery life of the iphone does not compare to the bold lol. No way no how.

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    10-21-10 07:01 PM