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    I am fairly new to Blackberry phones.... Well, my parents gave me a 9700 in September

    I just downloaded a free great theme from here (http://forums.crackberry.com/f176/pr...0-free-509955/) and someone talk about Hidden Today and Today Area. I searched Google and came across a thread here, but I still don't understand what is it? That's why I had to start this new thread. Can you kindly explain (with may be pictures) what is it?

    Thank you.
    01-07-11 12:53 AM
  2. AgentHeracles's Avatar
    First off: Welcome to Blackberry. Secondly: a Hidden Today is when you have say the Homescreen Icons (the row at the bottom that you first see when you power on your phone) and you scroll over any mail or calendar icon and above that in the middle between the top banner where the clock is and the icons is a list that shows current messages in the folder (may not be the right word) that disappears when you scroll over to another icon, say the browser icon.

    01-07-11 09:14 AM
  3. Heavy Fluid's Avatar
    Hidden Today would be where the text only shows on the screen when you hover over certain icons, like Messages, Calendar, Phone Calls, etc. All other times, the icons on the bottom are the only thing that shows.

    The theme pictured is actually a Today Plus theme, where the Today section shows all the time, and has icons at the bottom, but it is used for illustration purposes.
    01-07-11 12:31 PM
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    Thank you both DJ_Boxer and Heavy Fluid. I would like to click "thanks" for both of you, but I can't find that option here... do you know why?

    01-07-11 03:00 PM
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    Should be in the lower right hand part of our post. You are welcome though.
    01-07-11 03:07 PM