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    A few weeks back I lent my Bold 9700 to my sister, since she wanted to test the thing out (I tested her iPhone 3GS in return, an experience I'd rather not share).

    Being a social girl as she is, she immediately punched in every contact she has (with weird characters) and after one week I found my BlackBerry chock full of unknown contacts, which I'd prefer not keep.

    I'd like to perform security wipe (emails, contacts, etc) to simplify things and start over again with the contacts. However, I'm a bit troubled by the "etc" part. Just what is the extent of "etc" here? I can live with blank email, contacts, and calendar but I certainly don't want stuff like BBM contacts and AddOnIs blacklist to be removed, I'd rather delete the contacts one by one

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    10-16-10 02:15 AM
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    You probably should have performed a full backup before loaning the BlackBerry to your "social sister." This way a full security wipe would not be as much of an issue since you would have already preserved all the useful information via the previous full backup. How long was your sister using your BlackBerry that she found it necessary to add all her contacts and other "social sister" stuff? Really! Never share anything with a "social sister." You know not what diseases she might inflict upon your BlackBerry
    10-16-10 04:52 AM
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    Well, yes. They say regret always comes late and it's true. However, the question here is the extent of security wipe :/

    The last thing she did was removing my perfectly crafted contact (my own self, for all kinds of reference) and changed it into hers, with a lot of deprecation in information, but like I said, I'd prefer not to share that :/

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    10-16-10 05:02 AM
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    A security wipe will remove you entire database, all of your settings and information. It does not clear the media card.

    The first step is to back up your database. You can use security wipe to purge everything from the BlackBerry, then use Advanced Restore to selectively replace the content you want to keep.

    Third party applications will be a problem. They will be erased with everything else and you will have to re-install them from the source. That will mean replacing all of your data becasue it is not included in the BlackBerry backup.
    10-16-10 10:13 AM
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    I see, thanks. Guess I'll just have to live with it

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    10-16-10 12:18 PM