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    The future doesn't hold anything as nobody can predict it, or view it, or see into it.

    Just expect what happens, keep on guessing. Things aren't always as people assume or guess. Either you're/they're wrong, or you're/they're right. Edit: No, RIM/blackberry is not going out of business, it won't.

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    Agreed. No one knows what the near future holds for RIM. Apple, not so much. As Samsung has so aptly shown us, people are already planning their vacations around an iPad 3 launch.
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    It would be really nice to same the same for your post, but sadly it can't.

    You were not quoted, therefore to come back with what you prefer is irrelevant.

    Makes perfect sense (for you). The rest of the tablet buying world, not so much. It seems they'd rather spend money and have a device with a button that takes them home than a buttonless device that takes them nowhere. Of course your mileage may vary. Do you drive a Hummer?
    No you didn't quote but you said all eyes will be on the ipod3. You put apple products on a pedastal. Their not held in such esteem by everyone. I being one of them. My daughter has an ipod and ipod2 and she spends more time on my sons cruz. Go figure. I really hate to be the one to enlighten you, but apple products doesn't woo everybody.
    So I guess it hasn't occured to you that not everybody likes ipods or apple products for that matter.
    I don't own a paybook. I haven't brought myself to buy one yet. If I buy a tablet it will be a playbook. Playing with one @ office depot I liked it pretty good. I like the size of it more than the giant ipod and galaxys etc.
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