09-26-11 02:39 PM
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  1. Alberta Blue's Avatar
    I think that to some extent, RIM is certainly in teh same boat. I mean, the 9900 as a flagship? That could have had a dual core processor.
    I don't understand this line of thinking. Yes, it *could* have had a dual core processor, but it already runs OS 7 flawlessly smooth. Why put a bigger, less efficient chip in it when it is not required. I mean, my tv remote control could have a dual-core or quad-core processor in it too, its not going to make it work any better.
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    09-26-11 01:22 PM
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    why because i get move love over here??????
    What's move love?
    09-26-11 01:30 PM
  3. voltaire's Avatar
    non existent call blockers (unless you jail break).
    09-26-11 01:34 PM
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    Let's keep this to one thread. No more duplicate threads.

    09-26-11 02:39 PM
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