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    I hope I am posting this in the correct forum lol!! I am basically just wanting some opinions, not well it's up to you I know it's up to me just wanting to ask if it was you what would you do? ok with that said

    I have the pearl 8130 but was hoping to get the thunder but with the way things are going I was thinking about upgrading to a Curve. then when the thunder comes to Telus (hopefully) then get a thunder. Would I be better off buying from Telus for the 559.00 no contract or looking on craigslist. I have bought on craigslist before and the phone was great i even sold it back on craigslist. so what would you do if it was you? basically just wanting to upgrade in the next month is it worth it or should I hold out in hopes the thunder will come to telus. also, if the Telus does get the phone wouldn't it be about 6 mo after the US? so I'd be waiting longer? lol!!
    thanks for the opinions
    08-28-08 01:50 PM
  2. jenaywins's Avatar
    You need to consider the following when purchasing a phone from a private party: You could very well be purchasing somebody else's problems. The device may have issues which are unknown to you at the time of sale, and because you didn't purchase the phone directly from your carrier, they will not honour any kind of warranty for it. If it were me, I would pay full retail from my carrier simply for piece of mind.

    As far as waiting on the Thunder/Storm, I honestly wouldn't. We have no solid release date, and, theoretically speaking, you could be waiting for quite a bit. Good luck to you.
    08-28-08 01:54 PM
  3. Apollo_Creed's Avatar
    I would just get the Curve and be done with it. Even if the Thunder does come out, you may like your Curve enough not to even upgrade, I know I do. If you can, just buy the Curve brand new with the insurance. Remember, you get what you pay for!!

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    08-28-08 01:58 PM
  4. exelant's Avatar
    I agree with Jenay and Apollo on this one. There have been a couple cases in just the last month where someone bought a used phone from Craigslist and they turned out to be bad. One had an unreleased pin and one was actually stolen. I would be very careful -- at least phone in the pin to CS before paying any money.
    08-28-08 02:01 PM
  5. sarfrazfamily's Avatar
    yeah, thanks for the opinions and that's what I was thinking judt get the curve and then i can upgrade if I decide to do so. I know to check the ESN # to verify with my company that it isnt stolen or anything I would for sure do that. but they are 400-450 on craigslist anyway so for another 100 I can get a warranty and as far as insurance. It isn't offered here with Telus I don't know if Rogers offers it but Telus does NOT. they told me to call my home ins. lol!! to see if I could add it or my auto ins. i tried before to add it but it's not offered. big suprise (yeah right!) ok i guess that's what i will do. Next month go for the Curve!

    thanks everyone!
    08-28-08 02:19 PM
  6. mding4gold's Avatar
    There seem to be a lot of stolen and or found phones (that have been reported lost) for sale all over the internet. Buyer beware!!! Craigs list is full of scammers now.....
    08-28-08 02:30 PM