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    I'm August Blackberry unleashed OS7 and a range of devices. Since the original release blackberry has announced a couple more phones. There has been much talk that other then the 9900, OS7 hasn't done very well. This is noted because in the last quarter blackberry sold just under a million less phones then the year prior. If these OS7 devices are supposed to be with us until the release of BBX phones which we are expecting in Q3 of 2012. How does blackberry purpose it make money. In the world of smart phones, 4 months is a long time. Now a year is a very long time for some people and if the phones haven't been doing well, do they need to do something to keep the cash flowing.

    Should Blackberry put out some phones maybe running a OS7 but with more ram or better processor to hold off until BBX comes out. What about a OS8 or something. It seems to me that if they continue on this path, the sales wont be there and once BBX comes out it will either have to make it huge or the company will fail.

    BlackBerry 7 sales seen slowing, iPhone 4S & Android bad news for RIM
    11-18-11 10:14 AM
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    They're working on OS7.1 fromw what I've seen on here before. I just upgraded my 9810 to OS7 .540 and they're making. Big improvements just by refining the OS version. My 9810 works a lot better then the OS it came with from AT&T, the speed of the phone in everything is pretty incredible. RIM just needs to market better so people know their new devices are up to date in speed and web browsing yet keeping the same BlackBerry features everyone loved about them.

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    11-18-11 10:56 AM
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    They'll probably keep things going with new app releases (Ex. BB movies, BB traffic with voice navigation, etc..). Maybe Skype will come-out for the playbook and OS2 is coming in February A good OS2 release would keep people interested in BB phones as the playbook is the best tablet for mobility (Ex. small size + super swipe-easy UI).

    Maybe they'll open some BlackBerry stores in North America. I hope they step-up marketing with more creative ads; more advertising to average consumers.
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