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    I recently bought a curve from Verizon, use the internet e-mail or whatever the service is called when I don't use BES, and I have problems when I send e-mail on either of my 2 IMAP accounts. Copies of the sent mail do not go to the sent or outgoing folder on my IMAP servers.

    Several days ago, a BB tech rep said that for IMAP e-mail, when one sends mail from the BB, it goes through RIMs own mail send program and that program then tries to append the sent message to my IMAP servers. He tried to append while I was on the phone and he said the command wasn't allowed on my server. My tech people that support my IMAP server, said that BB needs to set the proper directory path, which in my case is Mail. (An equivalent example is the same as setting the IMAP server directory in the advanced setup using Thunderbird.)

    Today, I was on hold with a RIM rep who in the end couldn't figure out what to do. What do I need to tell the RIM tech people so they will have their mail program try and append in a particular directory? If someone can answer that, is there a way to have BB append my "Outgoing" file instead of my sent or sent mail file on my IMAP servers?

    08-04-08 09:36 PM
  2. Heresy's Avatar
    Ok. I had this problem years ago..I wound up going back to POP..works for me ...might not be what others are going to tell you but it is what it is. When I use IMAP I was able to control it since I owned the sites. First we have to know where your imap is hosted...I have seen issues with sites that say they allow imap but acutally dont. I use gmail with pop enabled and I have no issue.
    08-04-08 09:43 PM
  3. cglex's Avatar
    This is IMAP. I have a virtual private server resold by a local firm from Verio and IMAP runs on that server along with FTP, web hosting programs, etc. I want my mail to stay on the server until I choose to delete it and thus don't want POP.
    08-05-08 07:03 AM