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    In this thread I am looking for user stories, remarkable things you experienced and moments where your Blackberry was a "life-saver".

    To give you an impression, I'll make the start:

    Last week I had a busy day: several appointments, calls to make, the usual hustle for me from 6 am until 8 pm.

    The day starts with my Bold waking me up to the sound of "Wonderful life" from Zucchero.

    Then I hit the shower with some music from the MP3 player. Don't worry, the BB was not going with me, I am not that much of an addict. Yet.

    While shaving I was checking out the news and had a look at the traffic jams with Viigo. (They can be a nightmare here in the Netherlands.)

    Also checking my work e-mails with RDM+. Nothing important there so far.

    On my way to the office (a 66 km drive) I used the Vodafone Navigation Software to have it guide me around the jams, while the listening to some more MP3's (I have my whole library on it.) via an FM Transmitter. Honestly almost as good as an iPod / iPhone.

    After arriving at the office about 45 minutes (and one speeding ticket) later it reminded me that I had to prepare a quotation for a meeting with a client later today. So I made up the quotation and replied to some personal e-mails and short messages.

    Then my colleague Key Accounter asked me via BBM whether I could send him some pictures of the newest stepladder model we have. Went to the showroom, and hit the "send" button, worked like a charm for him, as he sent it via Bluetooth to the clients computer. So far the day was going nicely: another 3.900 ladders sold.

    I was due to leave for my client, since there was heavy traffic expected on the route and bad weather was forecasted for this afternoon. (viigo again)

    I stepped back into the car and used the VF Navigation software again to find the next gas station, so I could get myself something to drink and sandwiches (it was around noon by then).

    When I was passing Utrecht, my sales manager called me to report we had quality issues with one of our factories, I added the head of purchasing for a conference call to discuss the issue. We finally came to an agreement and shortly after I received the written action plan as an e-mail, which I forwarded to my assistant asking if she could be so kind to print it and put it on my desk lest I forget.

    After having sailed around another gridlock (TMC is really priceless), I arrived a little early at the clients premises in Almelo. So I read a few more news (viigo) and a a couple pages of the e-book I was reading then (Starfist: Technokill by Dan Cragg). Luckily my BB popped an alarm, else I would have read on for the next hour or so. (I am susceptible to such things, unfortunately.)

    Got my Laptop trolley and entered the building. During the meeting (my first one with this client, he'd been ordering a long time, but there was no personal contact whatsoever until this time) the customer asked if we could also provide him with wristwatches with his own colors and logo. I knew we could, but forgot the MOQ needed for that. I BBM'ed purchasing and received the answer a few seconds later: 500 pieces.

    The customer signed on the spot for 5.000, he even broke a smile. If we could do business so quickly more often, he will consider placing more orders with us. So when I parted, I immediately voice dialled my sales Manager to break the good news and also BBM'ed purchasing to prepare the order so that I could sign it when I arrived back at the office.

    Our meeting however got a little out of hand, and there was heavy traffic so I BBM'ed the boss that I would not get back to the office until tomorrow morning.

    When I approached my home town I called the local take-out joint from Google maps to pre-order Babi Pangang with noodles. However, when I arrived it was extremely busy, so my order was not yet ready. No problem, I went looking on the Amazon App. "Hey, great, there is a Goldratt book I have not yet read." So click here and there and the order was placed.

    Back home I saw that I had already received the shipping notification. While sitting on the patio with my chinese food I continued to read my eBook... I know mum said I shouldn't, but she isn't here, so what the...?

    When the sun went down, I sat there enjoying a two-finger glass of Southern Comfort with a little ice and a Davidoff Anniversario. I just thought that this is the way life should be. Then I suddenly realized how great a part the BlackBerry had contributed to this almost perfect day. In a way that the iPhone never did. (I don't really know why, apart from Navigation it could do all I mentioned.)

    The only thing left to do for it is to get me a girlfriend, but as pointed out by you before, this is less then likely...
    05-01-09 04:17 PM
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    I remember reading 2 or 3 of these types of threads with some seriously amazing stories. If you find them through the search you should def post them up here on account they are always a joy to read.

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    05-01-09 04:28 PM
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    Come on guys, I know it is quite a novel I wrote there, but there MUST be interesting stories out there... took me quite some digging, but I came up with one thread that goes in the direction I want to go:


    And not each of your replies has to be as elaborated as mine. I tend to get long-winded and I sincerely apologize for that...
    05-01-09 05:27 PM
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    I painted mine brown and now can track EVERY UPS shipment nationwide.
    05-01-09 08:47 PM
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    I know that the BB is capable of amazing things.

    But what amazed me is I could dial another number.....and hear my mom talk....and she is 30 miles away!
    05-01-09 09:01 PM
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    I know that the BB is capable of amazing things.

    But what amazed me is I could dial another number.....and hear my mom talk....and she is 30 miles away!
    LOL cute....but mine was better.
    05-01-09 09:21 PM
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    It gives me freedom everyday, I can leave my computer and get my emails.
    05-01-09 09:31 PM