1. edwart's Avatar
    What did you spend on your BB? or in my case what did you trade for it? I traded a android phone for my BB and i couldn't be happier....SUCKERS haha
    08-29-11 10:14 PM
  2. RoseBud68's Avatar
    I won't be surprised if he is saying the same thing about you on the android forum.

    I usually sale my old phone on line.
    08-29-11 10:47 PM
  3. JNM's Avatar
    I have seriously been considering whether I will be willing to sell my HTC Sensation or trade it to switch to a BlackBerry 9900 in a few weeks. I'm thinking might actually do it. I'm nervous about certain applications but it might work out.
    08-30-11 12:01 AM
  4. Rootbrian's Avatar
    Calling anybody suckers isn't a great idea.
    Regardless... I started out with an 8130 coming from a windows mobile 5 device (UT starcom 6700) and a samsung A740 before that. I got the 9700 soon after a year with the 8130 and had it ever since. My next blackberry will be a 9780 or 9790, or the 9900 or 9810 (with an extended battery that is)

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    08-30-11 03:11 AM
  5. sam_b77's Avatar
    I bought the Bold 9900 for $722.00 and traded in my 1 yr old Torch 9800 for $255.00.
    I normally sell my old phone back to the person who sells me my new phone.
    08-30-11 06:44 AM
  6. zild's Avatar
    I spent $111.00 on my Bold 9780 with a one-year contract. But trading in old phones when you buy a new one usually isn't a option in my country.
    08-30-11 07:32 AM
  7. homer1475's Avatar
    50$ for my 9810 and a new 2 year contract. Keeping my old 9800 as a backup device.
    08-30-11 08:22 AM
  8. edwart's Avatar
    I was being funny when I called them suckers as in I feel like I got the better end of the deal, really all I asked for was what you traded for your blackberry not to comment and say it isn't good to call anybody suckers.

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    08-30-11 04:47 PM
  9. therapyreject174's Avatar
    By selling my old phone (and being fortunate enough to have an upgrade every 6-8 months), I actually make money most of the time I get a new BlackBerry, or at least break even. Although I do sign a contract extension almost every time.

    Paid $80 including tax for my 9810, sold my 9800 for $250. Bought that 9800 for $200, but sold my 9700 for $250, repeating that pattern all the way back.
    08-30-11 05:16 PM
  10. Aaron_Delarge's Avatar
    I have just spent 280 on the Bold 9780 in black

    I am really wanting to get hold of the new 9900 however
    08-30-11 05:16 PM
  11. ashpash0's Avatar
    I got my Blackberry 8520 on a 24 month contract instead of my old Nokia C3, and Im loving it!!!

    08-31-11 08:38 AM
  12. BitPusher2600's Avatar
    I'm 'bout to spend $150 on an unopened Bold 9650, then sell my Storm2 on Craigslist for what I can get. Does $120 sound feasible?

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    08-31-11 08:05 PM
  13. JohnAlpha's Avatar
    I traded an Evo 4G for my 9650. I had used an 8320, 8520, and 9700 before I jumped to Android. The Evo wasn't for me, though, so through CB I was able to make a trade. Some people said I was crazy since, at least from a hardware perspective, the Evo is a superior device. Both the individual I traded with and I are happier for it, though, so it worked out.
    09-01-11 05:34 AM