View Poll Results: Pick the device you type the fastest on

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  • Torch , Storm series | Curve 9380

    5 10.20%
  • Bold series

    37 75.51%
  • Curve series

    7 14.29%
  1. ryzack's Avatar
    Torch, Storm Series (touch screen / sure-press)

    Bold Series (definition keyboard)

    Curve Series (chicklet keyboard)

    Personally I type faster on a Curve then I have on any other device, i've always enjoyed the sound as you click down on a button, but I missed the definition on the buttons on the Bold series. How about you?
    04-17-12 09:09 PM
  2. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    Fastest typing is
    2 Handed Bold 9900
    1 Handed Curve 8330
    04-17-12 09:12 PM
  3. byul's Avatar
    BlackBerry Bold 99XX hands down can't beat it anytime soon.
    04-17-12 09:29 PM
  4. glidewells's Avatar
    Bold for me.
    04-17-12 09:32 PM
  5. ryzack's Avatar
    wow really! Im a bold user and i type so much faster on a curve, is there really noone like me? XD

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9000 using Tapatalk
    04-17-12 10:11 PM
  6. byul's Avatar
    Don't think so there's plenthora out there.
    04-17-12 10:16 PM
  7. tmelon's Avatar
    I typed wild fast on my old Curve. I never really had much experience with a Bold.
    04-17-12 10:21 PM
  8. Spencerdl's Avatar
    The old curve 8330 was a "BEAST"... I typed extremely well on that BlackBerry device.
    04-17-12 10:52 PM
  9. youknwwho's Avatar
    I once did a 1000 word paper on my 9650 in 30 min. Does that count as fast typing ??
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    04-17-12 11:05 PM
  10. up488's Avatar
    i felt like a pro typing on my old curve 8310. wasn't as fast on my bold and getting pretty darn slick with my 9860 considering it's a touch!

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9860 using Tapatalk
    04-18-12 12:17 AM
  11. Joltcola1234's Avatar
    i type faster on my 9860 then anyone here does on a bold

    Sent from my 9860, no QWERTY required.
    04-18-12 12:53 AM
  12. luqman24's Avatar
    No option for iPhone?
    04-18-12 01:16 AM
  13. BlackBerry Guy's Avatar
    I was probably fastest on my Pearl 8130...I use to be able to fly on the SureType keyboard with one or two hands.
    04-18-12 01:28 AM
  14. dangerousfen's Avatar
    It's odd how so many people loved the old 83XX series keyboard. I thought it was really good and after nearly 2 years with my 9700, I still can't type as quickly as I could on that old Curve.

    Sent from my old faithful BlackBerry 9700 using Tapatalk
    04-18-12 01:31 AM
  15. ronnel.gacutana's Avatar
    Oh... looks like I'm the only one who voted on the first option... Its specifically with a Slider Torch and definitely not with Storm... lol

    With a Slider Torch I have the option to use the keypad or not while I still have a big screen...
    04-18-12 01:32 AM
  16. ryzack's Avatar
    I want to try out the storm, see how hard it is XD. Can never find one cheap here in Waterloo.
    04-18-12 02:53 PM
  17. emirozmen's Avatar
    99xx > 97xx = Curve
    04-18-12 02:55 PM
  18. dwaynewilliams#WN's Avatar
    The old curve 8330 was a "BEAST"... I typed extremely well on that BlackBerry device.
    I agree with you there. Although, I do think that the new Bold keyboard is pretty good. I amy type a little faster on my 8330, but not by much.
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    04-18-12 03:33 PM
  19. Jake90087's Avatar
    Fastest on my 9900. Although when balancing my 9800 on a clipboard the suretype was a lot better than any keyboard with one finger.
    04-18-12 04:29 PM
  20. mmcpher's Avatar
    My 9900 is faster than any other handheld, and faster than my onscreen Playbook keyboard.
    04-18-12 04:53 PM
  21. black.rhino's Avatar
    Bold 9000, I cannot use the curve keyboard, maybe for ease of use, or maybe for the classy factor
    04-18-12 06:50 PM
  22. SRR500's Avatar
    I don't know about faster, but I'm more accurate on a Curve keyboard than I was on my Bold 9650's.

    Sent from my BlackBerry 9350 using Tapatalk
    04-18-12 06:52 PM
  23. Morty2264's Avatar
    I once did a 1000 word paper on my 9650 in 30 min. Does that count as fast typing ??
    YEAH! Awesome work, dude!
    04-18-12 10:23 PM
  24. Morty2264's Avatar
    I don't know if I qualify to vote; since I have only had one BlackBerry device (Bold), and have not tried typing on any other device (besides fooling around with a Torch at a kiosk; but not really typing to get the feel of it). I personally like the "look" of the Bold's keyboard better than the Curve; maybe because the Bold's keys are pushed almost flat (if that makes sense), and I feel more secure when typing. Again, that's nothing against Curve users - that was actually the first BlackBerry I looked at and wanted to get. It's so nice! But I think for keyboards, I'd stick with a Bold.
    04-18-12 10:27 PM