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    as per my other thread:


    i've discovered what the problem is with why I am not getting the same quality photos as on the OS 4.6 on my 8900 curve, it's the picture size in kb. on 4.6 i would at the very least always get photos of size 460kb minimum (usually i get 700kb +) whereas on now i get on average only 180kb...WHY???

    bear in mind i've kept all the settings on the highest possible i.e. superfine and picture on 'large' yet for some reason i'm only getting low quality pics.. it's very frustrating.

    I have a feeling the lighting makes a difference but also maybe the memory/space on the media card. BUT I have 120mb of memory left and 400mb of space on my media card.

    What makes the blackberry take pictures at lower quality in terms of size in kb and larger??

    so far i've managed to get 1 photo at 460kb on OS but i dont know how or why exactly but at least i know it's capable of getting pics that large. Do I need over 500mb of media card space for it to take larger size pics??
    07-08-10 04:31 PM
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    i've done some extra tests and i've realised that it's not just the lighting which makes a difference or the size of the kb file, i've taken photos when it was 4.6 OS and the file size was only 200kb but the photo quality is better than a 300kb on

    it seems as if there are lots of variable factors affecting whether it'll take a pic at above 400kb on OS I think it's lighting, memory, space on media card, BUT I also think the OS has something in the software that prevents it from taking photos at higher resolution despite it saying 2048 x 1536 and 300kb, there are photos which are only 1280 x 960 with 282 kb file on 4.6 which are better than this and i cant figure out how to get it!!

    How do i get my phone to take pics at least 700kb?

    it doesnt seem to matter what settings i put on the phone or keep it at it's highest, the software seems to choose what it thinks is best at the time even if it isn't!!
    07-08-10 04:52 PM