1. kameleon's Avatar
    Ok, so I have a Torch. As we all know it has a new OS and all. What my question is is this: what parts of the phone can be forced to use wifi rather than my 3g connection? Reason I ask is I am looking to drop my $30/month data plan with the deathstar.... err at&t to the $15/month plan... both my wife and I have the $30/month plan and we sure could use that extra $30 to be saved each month.

    I currently use about 150MB each month, I don't do that much really but don't want to be limited too badly. I know this is not near the 200MB they would allow on the $15/month plan but I like buffer. So far I know of a few things that would definitely have to go through the 3G connection due to it being BIS oriented like any emails that are setup on my BIS account, same for calendar syncing (once they roll out the BIS 3.2 update that supposedly supports gmail calendar sync), BBM, and browser with wifi off. The only thing I know for certain that works strictly off wifi is the browser when on wifi and podcasts (if you have that option checked), and various apps if they have a wifi only option.

    I guess I am wondering mostly if anyone knows if the following will work strictly via wifi if connected:

    Facebook app (I use ALOT)
    Blackberry app world
    Crackberry superstore app world
    Google maps/blackberry maps
    Berryweather (constantly on)
    google talk/yahoo chat
    Bible app (the powered by youversion one)

    Thanks in advance for any advice on this.
    10-11-10 04:27 PM
  2. kameleon's Avatar
    Ok, to somewhat answer my own question I did a little research. I connected my phone to wifi and watched the connection log with highlighting of my phones IP address. Here is the verdict:

    Facebook app: Only via carrier network
    Blackberry app world: Appears it will go through wifi
    Crackberry superstore app world: No go. Carrier network only
    Google maps/blackberry maps: Google yes/ blackberry no
    Berryweather: No
    google talk/yahoo chat: No
    Bible app : Yes

    So now I guess my question is this: is there a way to force at least facebook to use wifi? Even the uploading of a picture won't go through the wifi which I find very odd.
    10-11-10 10:03 PM
  3. Rockafella's Avatar
    Just go to manage connections and disable the carrier network and just turn wifi on. This way you know the only choice is wifi
    10-11-10 10:15 PM
  4. dictoresno's Avatar
    Facebook app - requires a BIS plan
    Blackberry app world - im pretty sure it requires BIS
    Crackberry superstore app world - dont know
    Google maps/blackberry maps - should work over carrier connection/requires BIS
    Berryweather (constantly on) - i think it requires BIS, but theres a TCP/IP connection setting so maybe not.
    google talk/yahoo chat - requires BIS
    Bible app (the powered by youversion one) - i have no idea

    all of the above with work over wifi, however the required apps will need a BIS plan to work as well.
    10-11-10 11:33 PM
  5. visualpurple's Avatar
    If you're worried about the facebook app using a lot of data (which it doesn't), just use the mobile site through the browser (which works over wifi).
    10-12-10 09:48 AM