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    I make regular backups from my 9650 daily driver. Once every month or so, I restore certain items (calendar, tasks, address book, memos, browser bookmarks, password keeper) from my most recent backup to a backup BlackBerry 8330. One of the items I see that I can choose to restore is the "Content Store." What is it? Could it be something that's useful for me to restore?
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    No one knows what "content store" is?
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    From what I read on blackberry support forums.. "Content store" is a cache for 3rd party apps and native apps to store information for the apps like a remembering tool for the apps.. That's what I gathered. And it can fill up pretty quick depending on how many apps you have on your device it can eat up a lot of memory from your device..

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    Content Store=
    Contains pictures and other media content stored on the BlackBerry smartphone on-board device memory.
    KB03974-List of all databases on the BlackBerry smartphone

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