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    It seems everything RIM does or every RIM rumor is making headlines these days. The latest is the apparent demise of the PlayBook.

    It seems everyone, especially the media, is against the company and wants the company to fail. Of course, folks are thinking short term. The current stock price, the past 8 months, the halting of PlayBook production, the pending iPhone 5 release.

    The BB7 devices have helped calm things a bit (whew!), but the pressure has not diminished. Now it's the PlayBook getting heat. Mike & Jim must not be sleeping well lately!

    Please share your ideas on how RIM can change the tide against them. Do they need to hire a PR guru to help them weather this storm?
    09-30-11 09:26 AM
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    I think RIM Needs a New Sales Manager currently They have a "Chief Operating Officer - Product Engineering, Product and Sales "
    I'm sorry but the COO of Produce Engineering, and Products, is NOT the right person to be heading up sales or reporting on sales to the CEO's

    The Sales Person needs to challenge the Product development people to get more from the products, and the product development people need to push on sales to find ways to make technologies popular. with out the clash, their is complacency.

    I do not know how the sales departments within RIM work, but I feel their should be the following

    Corporate Infrastructure sales: The staff in this department would include outside and inside sales staff, a technical Engineer to work with outside sales for onsite visits. They would focus on BES, MVS, and various other infrastructure components within RIM, including finding ways to utilize NFC within major Enterprise environments,

    Corporate business solution sales:
    These reps sell BlackBerry Products to CEO's Presidents, and Executives, they talk about the issues that matter to the CEO's the details of how a BES works is how you sell to CTO's and IT, that is important to a different group, RIM needs to sell to the BOSSES and the TECH GUYS with 2 different sales teams, the minions within company's are sold at retail space, touching all area's of Business

    Carrier Sales & Marketing Corporate: This department would deal with the Carriers Marketing departments, and Purchasing departments, and Technical departments, and assist in purchasing, marketing, and Technical issues, being the lesion to the right person within RIM if the Technical issue is too big, but documenting all and reporting all issues that could be a stumbling block to launching a new product, or things that need to be addressed at the corporate level with existing products, working with the purchasing&marketing departments to develop strategies to move product.

    Retail Territory managers:
    These sales staff would would in geographic territories covering approximately 100 Retail outlets, Retail outlets would include Carrier Stores, Big Box Stores (Best Buy), and Mobile management companies. The purpose of these Reps would be to provide hands on training to the businesses within their territories on a quarterly basis, Product knowledge delivered to the sales staff, and managers, incentive programs for top performers within specific groups (city wide, top carrier store, top best buy, etc) These RIM sales reps would also be utilized by the company's within their territory to talk with and aid corporate sales with business purchasers, providing training for BlackBerry's in groups. putting on seminars and being involved with events relating to the mobile industry.

    Each Sales department would have a sales manager sales managers would be in charge of gathering the feedback from their sales staff and creating reports on and challenging Production to develop for what the sales staff see are the weaknesses, they would also be in charge of identifying key marketing opportunities within their designated sales market and looking to find ways to market across multiple groups to increase awareness of BlackBerry products, and advantages to owning them

    I strongly feel this is what RIM should be looking at changing, the way they currently do sales, and do retail doesn't seem to be working,
    09-30-11 10:28 AM
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    Must support Skype, Teamviewer and Netflix to be viable. Several months ago, I was on a plane beside a RIM engineer who 1. never heard of Poynt (which RIM had just bought) and 2. didn' t understand why Skype support was needed given that Playbook had its own teleconferencing software...The failure to understand market needs is the really the main problem with RIM. the web browser for 9700 v 6.0 is depressingly slow. I have a playbook and 9700 and while like the build quality, the potential of these devices is not fully realized because the lack of robust software.
    09-30-11 10:38 AM
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    Hire a good marketing firm and LISTEN to them instead of fighting with them to the point of the firm dropping RIM, or RIM dropping the firm as has happened several times over the past few years.

    RIM knows how to make devices, they just don't know diddly about how to sell them outside the world of corporate and government contracts.

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    09-30-11 10:47 AM
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    Go back in time 12 months ago and talk with key developers about supporting BB OS7. LinkedIn, CRM apps, Dragon Dictation, etc. and build a solid base of "table stakes" apps for business users.
    09-30-11 11:08 AM
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    Its all about marketing, which RIM lacks. You would think a company this large would understand that. But as others have said, RIM is still in the dark age.

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    09-30-11 11:23 AM
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    I like what DeRusset says. Its too complex for me especially being an outsider. But all that needs to be said is that RIM didn't want the consumer market. They are not good at it thats why they bought TAT and others. Moving forward RIM needs to "make something happen" what that is I don't know...Amazon might
    09-30-11 01:30 PM
  8. _StephenBB81's Avatar
    I think RIM can't win by Just Marketing
    BlackBerry IS more complicated and has more out of box features than iOS, and thus BlackBerry Can't beat iOS in simple commercials, RIM needs corp education to maintain BES revenue, and that again doesn't happen with commercials, and print ads, they need some, but they could match app's marketing dollar for dollar and still not gain any major growth as they are set to see a loss of BES revenue unless they secure the need to CEO,COO, CTO's

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    09-30-11 03:25 PM