1. ladydianab's Avatar
    I would like to create a blog but I want a website that works well with my blackberry. I have looked at a few but they all seem to work with WinMo or Palm. What would you recommend. I plan on doing most of my posts with my bb. di
    02-02-08 11:41 AM
  2. dacur's Avatar
    i use blogger (owned by google) - it's free and easy to set up and use. if you already use gmail, you can use the same login w/ blogger. (i used to use wordpress, but it's a lot more complicated and involved.) blogger will provide you with a private email address to send your posts to - add that to your address book (mine's under "blogger") on your berry for easy access. *you can also post pics to your blog from your berry, as well.*

    use the subject line for the title of your post. put "#end" after your text to cut off the "posted from my vzw blackberry," otherwise this will appear in each of your blog posts. i also use my own domain name, instead of the "yourblog.blogspot.com" address that they give you. pretty easy to set that up, as well, but not necessary.

    i also have a twitter acct (free) and have a twitter feed in my blog's sidebar - that way i can use twitterberry (free) to post quick, short updates to my twitter acct, which in turn show up in my blog's sidebar. very nice for quick posts, just can't post pics to twitter. have fun and good luck!
    02-02-08 12:02 PM