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    hi.. guys
    can anyone tell me what is the benefits of unlocking blackberry 8830 world edition phone ... i live in India and my phone is locked. Still i m using idea GSM sim on it infect i m using blackberry internet service also but its is not working property. I think sum of you might know what is benefits of unlocking .. should i get my phone unlocked or not ... my phone is blackberry 8830 world edition its has a sim slot and its locked with a Carrier nz telecom
    08-04-11 07:50 AM
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    08-04-11 12:35 PM
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    Here are some reasons:


    A Blackberry is only locked by the carrier you bought the phone from. The carrier will place a lock on the phone to prevent you from changing price plans to a more competitive one and forcing you to use that carrier when you travel abroad. Blackberry Unlocking completely removes the the SIM restriction from your Blackberry which allows you to use it with an GSM or HSPA network worldwide. Once you carry out a Blackberry Unlock the phone will stay unlocked for life, it is a one off process. As your Blackberry is a high value handset it is important to unlock it with a company you can trust.


    SAVE MONEY - Don't let your carrier restrict you when you travel abroad. You will save $100's on roaming fees. Having an unlocked phone gives you the ability to purchase a SIM card from the destination that you are in, making it less expensive from what your carrier charges.

    FREEDOM TO CHOOSE ANY CARRIER - Not happy with your current provider? You will have the choice of going with any service provider that supports your phone. In this case, using your current unlocked BlackBerry on a new provider will avoid the hassle to purchase a new handset.

    INCREASE RESALE VALUE - The value of your Blackberry will be worth a lot more and be easier to sell because it is not restricted for use with only one wireless provider - anyone will be able to use it, allowing for a wider range of prospective buyers.
    08-04-11 01:48 PM
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    Yeah but his 8830 should not be locked GSM wise (he is currently using it with a different provider) and you cannot unlock the CDMA portion.
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    08-04-11 01:58 PM
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    Of course not .. It all depends what carrier you want to use the GSM side with.
    08-04-11 05:11 PM
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    thanx for the reply guys ...
    but till now i have changed 3 sim's ... Vodafone idea and reliance and all three is making the same problem my bis always disconnect... but sum time when i go to option/advance option/host routing table/ and register my self and put the battery out and again restart the phone this it start working ...
    08-05-11 04:47 AM
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    I just unlocked my 8830 world edition using UnlockToTalk.com The service is amazing and really fast!!! They were very helpful with my queries and was able to unlock the phone very fast.... this service is a must use
    02-04-12 03:21 PM