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    I searched for the term battery pull, or possibly push. I have seen it mentioned in a few forum discussions, but I am new and don't know what the term means. I assume it meant taking out the battery and putting it back in. I believe it was in reference to slow running phones after an OS upgrade. Thanks for any help.

    01-30-09 02:56 PM
  2. Tremortality's Avatar
    Yes that is what it means. To take out the battery for a little bit and replace. It can fix a multitude of issues. From slow phones to message lights that wont disappear, it will more than likely fix them. Battery Pull.
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    01-30-09 03:02 PM
  3. sponge60's Avatar
    Outstanding! Thank you Tremortality.
    01-30-09 03:05 PM
  4. Xpimp's Avatar
    or you can do alt, shift delete
    01-30-09 03:06 PM
  5. SevereDeceit's Avatar
    Always do a battery pull with the device ON...
    01-30-09 03:08 PM
  6. zarzamora_hermosa's Avatar
    or you can do alt, shift delete
    Many people refer to that as a Soft Reset

    Hard Reset = Battery Pull
    Soft Reset = Shift + Alt + Del
    01-30-09 03:20 PM
  7. xliderider's Avatar
    When in doubt, pull it out, that's my motto.

    Battery pulls can be used whenever the phone freezes, things get messed up, icons disappear, things don't seem right, etc.

    If you are having a problem, try a battery pull first, then if the problem persists come to CB for help.
    01-30-09 03:34 PM
  8. Tremortality's Avatar
    When in doubt, pull it out, that's my motto.

    Agreed. Pull and if no resolve post (cb)
    01-30-09 03:39 PM
  9. prometheus's Avatar
    There's also an app you can download for free (???) called quickpull. It sumulates the pulling of the battery without actually removing it. I like it, 'cause I have a case and a battery pull always seems to be needed while it is very inconvenient to remove the case and get the door off and all that. unless you're completely locked up then you can't even access the icon for the quickpull.
    01-30-09 03:56 PM
  10. boisefwxguy's Avatar
    Battery pull is like rebooting a computer

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    01-30-09 04:16 PM
  11. SWFL's Avatar

    Agreed. Pull and if no resolve post (cb)
    Lol thats great!!!
    01-30-09 05:26 PM
  12. xliderider's Avatar
    I agree, QuikPull is great.
    01-30-09 05:29 PM
  13. Tremortality's Avatar
    I forgot about telling him about QP. One of my favorite little apps I just dont need it all that much but it sure is handy..
    01-30-09 05:41 PM