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    First I would like to say that I have been a RIM fanboy for almost 8 years now and have used a Blackberry for both business and personal use. I tried a few different smartphones but nothing longer than a week.

    I currently have a tour for business use and recently replaced my Storm 1 with an iPhone 4 for personal use. My reasoning for this was simply that I wanted a toy to use as a personal phone since I have a work blackberry for all my blackberry needs.

    Since the holidays, my company has started trying to migrate users to iPhone's for business use. I said it was a terrible idea and they are toy's and that they are great personal phones but nothing more.

    Now I am questioning my position. I am finding myself forwarding emails from my Blackberry to my iPhone to open certain attachments since my blackberry cant open them such as text .html files. I am also finding it much cleaner opening up spreadsheets, pdf's embedded images in an email and everything else on my iPhone's screen.

    I do not understand how this is possible. I have always thought of Blackberry's as a work horse and can not comprehend how my toy is working better as a business phone (for my needs) all of a sudden. I decided to forward the text .html attachment (a resume from an applicant database called iCIMS) to a coworkers 9780 an anothers 9800 to see if the screen size, OS6 and webkit browser made a difference and unfortunately not/

    What am I doing wrong? I was looking at upgrading to the 9780 at work but now am considering the iPhone which I have always been against for work.
    02-07-11 08:43 AM
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    jrohland - my company has begun to issue iPad's to some of our employees. I was considering upgrading to the 9780 and then supplementing with the iPad.
    02-07-11 09:09 AM
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    It seems you're turning a personal preference decision into an emotional one. Why worry about it? If you have found you prefer an iPhone, go with it. It's no big deal. I personally like using a physical keyboard, but I don't feel bad for Apple because I don't like to type on their device. Similarly, there's no need for you to worry about preferring an iPhone. There's plenty of business to go around, .
    02-07-11 12:12 PM
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    Just because the iPhone can display html email does not mean you should be using a phone to do it. I have always believed phone sized screens are too small to display html content. That is why the tablets are being sold in the millions. You should be using a computer to display the resume.

    For whatever it is worth, my organization does not permit html email on ANY system.

    To your bigger question; Is the iPhone a potential business tool? It could be I suppose but, for now, most organizations do NOT consider it secure enough for mission critical data management. Out of the box, it can be secure but, far too many people jailbreak them, which compromises security in unpredictable ways.
    Agree 100% with every point here.

    All I'd like to add for the OP is, you're not doing anything 'wrong'. Rather, I'd say you're just figuring out that an iPhone may be better suited to your needs than you thought it could be. I do like a lot of what the iPhone does; but there are too many things that I like better on a BB, plus I can't live without a physical keyboard. But I'm not everybody (and they're all glad), so I can only speak for me.

    Just because you primarily purchased it as a toy (and I personally don't subscribe to the notion that it is just a toy, just for the record) doesn't mean that's ALL it's good for. Sounds like you might be in the midst of a revelation! If you're company is allowing iPhones for business use and you're finding that it works better for you, hey, don't question it, run with it!

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    02-07-11 12:25 PM
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    What your doing wrong is 2nd guessing yourself. If you've found that iphone is your answer there's no need to force a blackberry into the equation.

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    02-07-11 12:29 PM
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    What your doing wrong is 2nd guessing yourself. If you've found that iphone is your answer there's no need to force a blackberry into the equation.

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    +1. I agree with 13echo4. His/her post was right to the point. If the iPhone will work for what YOU NEED it to do, then go with it don't stress over such matters or worry about being critized for what device your going to use. Who cares what Joe Smoe or plain Jane thinks that your using an iPhone for business. Use what YOU NEED to get your job done

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    02-07-11 01:57 PM
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    If this issue is that important for you, you might be due for a switch. Just consider the percentage that you use this feature vs. the other things that you do...
    02-07-11 03:05 PM