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    Hi all !

    I am going to be getting a new phone in June , I am a customer of us cellulars and I am trying to decide what phone I WANT !!
    As in BB's they offer The 8130 pearl and the RIM 8830 BB .. I am also thinking about the Motorola Q ( please dont get mad ) but I thought I should be honest !!
    I want a full key board and the pearl does not have that , the BB 8830 does but lacks the camera . The Motorola has both of those things .
    My husband has the pearl but we bought it used and there is a lot of things that we are having problem with on that phone ( not sure if its cuz they dyd not reset it right )
    So I was just wanting people thoughts of what would be a better phone !
    05-19-08 11:50 PM
  2. mkinnen's Avatar
    My newer Curve is simply excellent--camera, phone, and every other facet. don't be afraid to get a new 8310--it's fabulous!
    05-19-08 11:52 PM
  3. maof2's Avatar
    would but as I said as in a BB with usc I have two choices the pearl 8130 or the 8830 .
    05-20-08 12:04 AM
  4. kickinitlive247's Avatar
    does anyone have any experience with a moto Q?
    i dont know what phones are available for us cellular (my mom has us cellular)
    a lot of ppl at my work have the dash
    i have always liked the 8830 myself
    05-20-08 05:58 AM
  5. maof2's Avatar
    Well I was going through the forums and I found a few different threads where people are saying that the 8830 curve should be at us cell in a month or less so thats one that can be added to my maybe but I know nothing about the curve. I have been looking it up and reading about it but if any one has one and has had any of the other phones I listed in the original post I would love the input and thoughts !!

    Thank you !
    05-20-08 12:07 PM
  6. carbu30's Avatar
    I have the 8830 WE - and I love it! I don't miss not having a camera, I rarely used it anyway on my last phone. I love the keyboard on it - and I came from a full qwerty keyboard as well.
    05-20-08 12:11 PM
  7. jenaywins's Avatar
    does us cellular not offer the curve??
    also - what problems are you having with the pearl? i have one and i honestly loooove it.
    05-20-08 12:19 PM
  8. IrishJK09's Avatar
    I do have experience with the Moto Q, and it is a piece of garbage phone. This has nothing to do with BlackBerrys, or anything else; the Q is just a trashy, poorly made phone.

    Windows Mobile isn't the most stable operating system around for users that are inexperienced, however, it can be used. For some reason, I think the Q has the standard level of Windows Mobile bugs, plus a whole bunch more exclusive to it. Simply put, of all the phones I have ever owned, the Q was the buggiest.

    On top of the bugs, it is a battery hog and it will be a chore to make it a full day without a car charger, especially if you use the web.

    Yes, it has a full QWERTY keyboard, but it is of horrible design and you could probably type faster using a regular keypad and T9.

    Summary? Don't get a Q. Even if you decide against a BlackBerry, get something else, just don't get a Q.
    05-20-08 12:26 PM
  9. maof2's Avatar
    Us cellular does not have it yet but I heard through the grape vine that it is set to be in stores soon !!

    As far as the problems with the pearl it was used and there is so many applications that are still set to the last owner .. I know this can be fixed .. trying to get it done ! Also When I send a pic or text message 95 percent of the time I have to send it more then 3 times before he ( hubby )gets it. He has to be called sum times 4 or more times before the call will go through . and last I hear about people having to pull the bat. but he has to do it over 5 times a day its always erasing all his info.
    I had bought the pearl for me and I did like it but with all the aps being in sum one elses name I just gave up and gave it to him !! HAHA Had no time to waist trying to figure it out was 9 months pregers and had other things to deal with !
    As far as the Q .. I have a friend who has one and he loves it .. although it is his first smart phone and has never even played with a bb so ...
    I was also at one point looking at the htc moulgel or I think thats what its called but I have never had one nor no an one who has so I dont know how good they are !!

    thank you very much for all the help keep it coming .. I need all the help I can get with only ever having the pearl and it had probs it makes it hard to decide !
    05-20-08 12:41 PM
  10. sjunkie#AC's Avatar
    I too also have the pearl. My first BB and I can't believe I didn't convert sooner. This phone by far is the best phone I have ever used. The tutorials are a great tool and I believe if you cleaned up that pearl you'd love it too!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-20-08 01:36 PM
  11. maof2's Avatar
    Yeah between calling cs and reading the treads posted here we are hoping to have it like new soon .. He loves it and would not trade it for the world ( Im upgrading with what should be his upgrade .. he just does not want to ) Just wish we could figure it all out to make it work the way it should !!
    But that still leaves me with the question of what would be a better bb 4 me !!
    05-20-08 01:40 PM
  12. jenaywins's Avatar
    well, seeing as all the problems you are having with your current pearl are due to the phone being used, i wouldnt factor that into your decision as to whether or not to purchase a new one. obviously with a new pearl, youll be able to set it up the way you like. my answer would be to definitely go with the pearl if you are dead set on having a camera. if not, the 8330 would be the way to go.
    05-20-08 02:03 PM
  13. maof2's Avatar
    Yeah I was thinking that all the probs are because it was used and not the phone .. So if the curve does not come to us cellular then Im sure it will be a pearl ..
    seeing as you have a pearl what are some of the first things I should do to make it a better phone when and if I get it !! Any must have aps ?
    05-20-08 03:06 PM
  14. jenaywins's Avatar
    thats probably it exactly.. i have had little to no problems with my pearl. i absolutely love it!!

    the first thing i did after setting up the phone was removing all unnecessary aps. its imperative to keep the memoury clear at all times. then i put all my ringtones and stuff in. as far as aps, i try to keep my phone relatively clear. however, i love google maps and opera mini for my browser. it really depends on if you use your phone more for business or personal use.

    look at this thread, it has links to all the most popular aps.

    05-20-08 04:53 PM
  15. maof2's Avatar
    Thank You
    05-20-08 05:01 PM
  16. bbboozer's Avatar
    Honestly, Go with a BB even if it lacks the camera, I have an 8800 and I love it, my boss had a Moto Q and gave it up for a pearl because of the OS on a Q sucks. :P)
    05-20-08 05:15 PM