07-02-08 02:08 PM
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  1. mhobizal's Avatar
    I'd love to win a cap so that I show all the Treo users at my office that a BB is the BEST!

    Ok...I'll take a Unify too!!
    05-21-08 10:33 PM
  2. tood's Avatar
    I'd lilke to win an otter box case, since I have a tendency to drop my phone.
    05-21-08 10:40 PM
  3. hermy65's Avatar
    count me in, im super excited for unify4life....looks amazing
    05-21-08 10:41 PM
  4. Wink40's Avatar
    I am switching to BB after 6 years of Palm OS (or POS). Sprint Curve. It is a little unnerving. I think a little schwag will help ease the pain. Unity4Life is giving away a remote? Wow, life is better on this BB side of the street.
    05-21-08 10:46 PM
  5. the1's Avatar
    Man, you keep coming up with these contest...and I don't ever win one..lol. Good luck to all the winners and Kevin, next trip you go on, call me up.
    05-21-08 10:47 PM
  6. runningoncaffeine's Avatar
    I would love to win Unify4Life because I am shamed to admit I was briefly tempted away from my Pearl by a K790 that could be used as a remote for my computer. I am the gogo gadget gurl and will have to wait way too long if I have to buy it

    PS Any and all swag gratefully accepted
    05-21-08 11:02 PM
  7. rsanz's Avatar
    I'd like to enter!

    I'm a complete shwag *****. I went to E3 back in 2004 and was shwag hunting pretty much the whole time. Shwag is life!!
    05-21-08 11:08 PM
  8. veldacy1's Avatar
    Unify4Life. I was laughing a few weeks ago thinking about what else I would want my curve to do. I've made everyone in my office laugh with all the crap mine has already. I show them that I put jurassic park and google maps on mine, and they ask me how to change the ringer to vibrate..
    btw. I got mine a few weeks ago from att (red 8310) for $70 after all rebates with a 2gb card thrown in.. switched from verizon (thus the deal) because they messed up some billing on me. I also dont mind trading unlocked gps for 3g at the moment.
    for next year.. if they make a 9000 series curve type device (as world to curve in size) or a glyde type thing with a bigger screen. I would want it to have simple tv/radio streaming capabilities. I have a sirius account but so far no luck. still searching to forums..
    or how about turn by turn google maps that knows when your at the next step or talks?
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    05-21-08 11:09 PM
  9. clb239's Avatar
    count me in it to win it - I think the one of the coolest things is the unify4life - i am always looking for new ways to play with my blackberry - plus loosing a few remotes couldn't hurt either...an otterbox would be really cool also...

    05-21-08 11:16 PM
  10. reddog187's Avatar
    Would love to get a Unity4Life remote!

    If I would get one here before they start selling public that would be great, but no matter what I'm getting a couple of these for my house! Having a universal remote with you at all times, control almost anything with your BB, could you ask for anything better?

    Rock on Unity4Life you are a Godsend!!!!!
    05-21-08 11:21 PM
  11. genoist#CB's Avatar
    I'd love to win an Otter Box for Geocaching with my Berry.
    05-21-08 11:25 PM
  12. overmydeadberry's Avatar
    I would like to see them come out with a blackberry that can have video conferencing next year! That would kick some major (_._)
    did i win?
    did i?
    how about now?
    05-21-08 11:28 PM
  13. essencek's Avatar
    Well I'd love to win the grab bag. I'm a newbie to Blackberries as a whole but it has made my life so much easier as a teacher. I am now able to correspond with my parents at the touch of my fingers rather than sitting down at my desktop. Also not to mention that this community has been a godsend to me.
    05-21-08 11:31 PM
  14. ChrisGrant's Avatar
    Unify4life looks awesome!!! If I don't win, I guess ill have to spend the 100 bucks I don't really have, just cause it looks that good..

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    05-21-08 11:35 PM
  15. Stemkroywen's Avatar
    I'm All-In!
    05-21-08 11:48 PM
  16. n2sooners's Avatar
    I think the best thing this year has to be the Blackberry remote. What I would like to see next year is a Blackberry with a touch screen that doesn't give up a real keyboard and a lot more on board memory for programs.

    As for what I want to win, those swag bags look pretty sweet, but the Unify4Life remote makes me drool.
    05-21-08 11:58 PM
  17. RazorMan's Avatar
    wow sweet hope i win this is my post
    05-21-08 11:59 PM
  18. pip11's Avatar
    i want unify4life!!!
    05-22-08 12:20 AM
  19. camperdown9's Avatar
    1) Please to see finally the blackberry bold (9000)
    2) Would like to see a touch screen blackberry this time next year
    3) Would be happy to win anything as I am a bit of a freebe bandet

    05-22-08 12:20 AM
  20. guamishkind's Avatar
    I would like any of the prizes because they are all really awesome. thanks.
    05-22-08 12:22 AM
  21. phelan.snow's Avatar
    Unify4Life is freakin awesome!!! Man, if I could actually use my Berry to control my TV, I wouldn't care at all when my daughter loses the remote! That jumpdrive pen sounds pretty wicked too. And hey, can't go wrong with an Otterbox case either! Living in Cottage Country, it would be nice to know my baby is protected when I go fishing/boating/to the beach.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-22-08 12:34 AM
  22. jhinty's Avatar
    Count me in too. I'd love to test-drive one of those Unify packages. Looking forward to seeing advances made with the Bold.

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-22-08 12:37 AM
  23. brayndeded's Avatar
    Wow, I love schwag of any sort that promotes the things Im into...like viigo, I just dloaded it last week and cant pull myself away from it!
    I think the best to come out of WES was Unify4Life, hands downs. This would be great to have.
    Any of these packs would be great to win, but what I most like and could use best (to help promote and spread the word) would be a the Unify4Life pack and crackberry hat or shirt, the cool viigo bag and an otter box. Oh..and the jumpdrive pen is cool too.
    In 2009 Id like to see more 3rd party apps come out to target the less business style person. You know, more games, today screen options, theme styles, calendar options and such. So I guess...open up the playing field for devs.
    Man Im like a kid in a candy store on this stuff. I love schwag!....ok ok...down with my geeky side.
    (psss...but I really hope I win something this time!)
    05-22-08 12:44 AM
  24. Ryan Blundell's Avatar
    Can't wait for Unify4life! What I'd like to see at WES next year is me!
    05-22-08 12:49 AM
  25. jbond0072000's Avatar
    Viigo project tango all the way. Then I get cb podcasts asap!

    Posted from my CrackBerry at wapforums.crackberry.com
    05-22-08 12:49 AM
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