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    Has anyone else come across the anomaly when loading OS on to a Blackberry?

    Well to start off I was having an issue which meant I had to reload the OS. I've got an 8700 which was running OS As ever I backed up my BB before doing any work on it. I installed and ran OS on my PC and then went in and deleted the vendor.xml file. I then connected by BB to Desktop Manger, but the prompt for loading the OS didnt appear, even when I went in to app loader to give it a push. After some swearing and banging my head on the desk I tried wiping my handheld before connecting it back to Desktop Manager, lo and behold this time the OS started to load. Job done........

    Well kind off, this is the bit that has confused me, instead off having OS on the device it's running on Now I haven't downloaded a copy of the new OS and looking on Blackberry's download site this version of the OS is not listed for the 8700. The only thing that's different was the last time I did any work like this I was running Desktop Manager 4.5, where as this time I was using version 4.7. Don't get me wrong OS is working great on the 8700 and I'm having no problems with it, I'm just stumped as to why it loaded OS and not the as I'm used to.

    Any thoughts or insights would be gratefully accepted.
    01-19-09 06:23 AM
  2. Reed McLay's Avatar
    A quick search has turned up referenced to v4.5.0.55 beta leaked for GSM devices in July last year.


    The current version, distributed for by AT&T is .110.

    You appear to have installed a pre-release Beta copy. Your best bet would be to reinstall the release code.

    01-19-09 10:11 AM