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    Does anyone know anything about this? I cant find anything on this subject. I was doing searches online from my blackberry (real estate searches for apartments). All I did was look up apartment listings. I never gave out any of my info. I never filled out anything, except to fill in a zip code search- regarding where I was looking for an apartment. The next day, I received 2 phone calls from real estate agents ON MY BLACKBERRY CELL PHONE number. When I did a reverse search on those numbers, those were the real estate agents representing the apartments I had been looking at. My question is HOW did they get my CELL number from my blackberry internet search? And, this has happened before. I did a search last year for someone, and I received a call, and I could not figure out WHY or HOW, but this is the same situation now happening again. HOW are these companies able to "see" my cell number from a blackberry internet search. Does anyone know, and how can I prevent this invasion of privacy from continuing to happen? Thanks so much.

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    I want to know, too, so I will bump this into view again.
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    Its not possible for a web page to query your phone number off your device.. Not to mention they'd have to code the page to detect mobile devices in the first place and even then every platform would be different... Considering BB's proxy through BIS this makes even less sense.

    Something else is going on, but a simple web search is not the cause

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