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    var newBlackberryUser (coupleDaysAgo, 8900, gotItSetup, readyForBellsWhistles);

    Web Designers:

    - can you recommend any free apps?
    ------ (specifically a simple text editor, FTP, maybe a simple image editor, SSH)
    ------ preferably from a name you can quickly trust (blackberry.com etc.)
    - how can *.html and such pages be viewed offline on a Blackberry device?
    ----- and if they're not mediaFiles, how can i view these files like a simple Windows folder/files?
    - where and how can I download a BB Torch browser for this 8900?
    - any recommended tutorials?
    ---- (specifically testing SSI's offline on a BBdevice, then maybe writing GPS uses into a mobile site)

    Non Web Designers:
    - what is your mobile screen size and device?
    - how often do you browse with your Blackberry?
    - why/when do you browse with your Blackberry?
    - any other comments/rants/praises regarding web sites in general?

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    The new Torch 9800 browser is OS6 only I believe, so you need to wait for that OS to come out on your phone or upgrade to a phone that has it.

    -I have the Torch 9800 so check specs to see what size I am
    -I browse all the time when I am not at my house
    -When I am needing information or just want to browse
    -Whats the point of this?
    09-18-10 03:10 PM