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    First the browser. I have a few sites I look at daily and some have to be loged into for me to view them. My problem is when I click login I get a message saying java script error. I have gone in the options and turned everything on. Is there anything else I can change to get past this? My wifes treo and my htc6800 both let me do it, why won't my BB 8130?

    Second is the address book. I downloaded the cdrom and "backed up" my bb to my desktop. My question is how can I go on my desktop and look at my contacts. I have vista if that makes a difference. I do not have any contacts in my windows mail address book in the first place so would this make a difference.

    I posted these in the 8130 section, but did not get any info that I could make work.

    03-04-08 06:33 PM