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    RIMM wins. But, let me just add, we win as well. As I was shopping for a tablet, I looked at the iPads (1 and 2) and the Blackberry Playbook.

    As I did my research, I learned the iPad1, was built with a slot for a camera but did not come with one. Now, all the iPad1 users will have to spend another 500-600 bucks to get something compatible to us. This is a huge deal. Apple did not have a "finished product" so they just did not add it. RIMM, took a better consumer route. They provided all the hardware and shortly after launch, they did an OTA and we all had video calling capability. Our additional cost $0.00, Apple users and extra $500.00 bucks.

    There are several other features about the PB that make it a great tablet over the iPads, such as dual stereo speakes, better cameras, etc. However, the point is the way apple handles the relationship with users.

    A friend of mine got an iPad2 and was so excited but learned that when he plugged it in to his iTunes, he had to update iTunes, but I tunes would not let him use it unless he upgraded to a new OS, then when he spent the money for it, he learned the OS would not work without more RAM, so needless to say, it took him a long time to get his tablet up and running.
    Now, as others mentioned above, RIMM is rewarding BB users with a $100.00 MC for the purchase of a Playbook.

    Frankly, I am happy to use RIMM products and not just because I like them but because I like the company. I feel they will always try to give us a fair deal.

    Apple has just started charging for content on apps. So Google Books and Amazon Kindle have pulled their apps along with a few others. This is to promote their own inferior but pretty book store. I don't believe RIMM would ever pull stunts like this. I've seen this story before but apple was the victim at the hand of Microsoft. Now, that apple has an advantage it seems they learned the wrong lessons from their near death experience.

    Just some food for thought as we enjoy our awesome new BB phones and the very well equiped Blackberry Playbook. Enjoy, great products and in my view a great company. Thanks for being a good corporate citizen and for remembering that many of us stuck with you through some tough times RIMM.

    I showed my PB to a friend at work and he was amazed, he saved for a couple of months and got one for himself, one for his wife and one for his dad. He actually got a BB Bold 9930 as well. He left his Droid HTC Evo 4G and said he is very happy. Although, frankly, I think Droid is pretty awesome and I feel Google has behaved very ethically and also been a good corporate citizen so I wish them lots of luck as well but I think that is how RIMM wins, by having people actually compare products and make a decision for themselves and not because they are told mindless marketing B.S. like "if you don't have an iPhone, well, you don't have an iPhone".
    Now, if you (RIMM) could just learn to market a bit better you would be a rock star!
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    Cool rah-rah post. Like the positive vibe. Apple does a lot of things that infuriate me.

    But for the love of God, it's "RIM". RIMM is the stock symbol.

    I'm so grouchy today! LOL!

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