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    Hey I have a question hopefully people can help me with I have quite a few contacts around 300 plus. However there are "groups" of people I like to stay in contact with more then others.

    Is the "categories" setting in the bb the best way to kind of group people in your phone because with 300 people sometimse I add someone say at a conferance or meeting and then months down the road I totally forgot they were in my phone when I said I was going to stay in touch...

    I have been having to put like *'s or &'s infront of my more recent contacts name so I know which people I added who were more recent and which people have been in my phone for years.....If someone can offer me a better solution then the categories please let me know

    ** but to my original question and the title of this thread is there a way to export my contacts so I can properly categorise my contacts so I can use the filter option properly in my address book? I know I can sync it with outlook however I do not think I can change the category for the people correct? It would take me FOREVER to go through 300 people to categorise them
    02-17-09 03:44 AM
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    If you Synchronize your contacts using Desktop Manager using the ASCII Importer/Exporter in the DM, Synchronoze, Synchronzation, Setup Wizard, One Way Sync FROM Device, Options, Comma, Double quotataion marks.

    Save the file as a .csv file and read it with Excel. You may now edit any ot the fields at will. I advise setting one or two entries on the phone prioe to the sync so that you may see the excat format to use.

    Once complete, reverse the process.
    02-17-09 03:50 AM
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    Thanks for the quick response but not sure where to change those settings I do use Deskop Manager but I use Backup and restore to save my contacts.... I go to advanced select my address book. I try to go "save as" and save as a xls or csv but its just jiberish

    I am not sure what the ASCII Import/Export in the DM is ? I have the newest version of DM
    02-17-09 04:05 AM
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    You use DM and you go to Synchronize and once in the Synhronoze screen and with the phone connected click Synchronization on the left of the screen below the word Configuration. Now click Synchronization on the right of the screen and then follow the words from in my previous post.
    02-17-09 04:34 AM