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    I have a BB 8310. I also use Thunderbird as my desktop email client. With that out of the way i wasnt getting email on my Blackberry, but when i got home or back to the office i had emails waiting for me on Thunderbird. Same address as the blackberry. I have thunderbird running in the background at all times on one machine or another and when i close it out it sits in the toolbar and recieving emails all day.

    Wondering why my BB wasnt getting emails and my desktop client was, i looked around the settings in Thunderbird a bit. Under tools/settings/server settings is a "leave messages on server" selection. This was unchecked, which means as soon as t-bird gets the message it takes it off the server and stores it on your computer that you have Thunderbird running on. This is the reason why i wasnt getting any emails on my BB. Once Tbird grabbed the email it took it right off the server, leaving my BB with nothing (it takes a little bit longer for my bb to get the emails)

    Now with "leave messages on server" selection checked on each of my desktops running T-bird i can now get all my messages delivered to my BB as well as my desktops and not worry about thunderbird Grabbing them and taking them off the server and leaving my BB out in the cold.

    Hopefully this helps some people who have Thunderbird running all the time and had trouble getting emails on there BB
    05-05-08 01:18 PM