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    In light of all the BBM and BlackBerry news of late I have to say the obvious just dropped on me this morning.

    We all know now that BlackBerry couldn't be a contender in the ARMs [pun intended] race between the other bigger mobile os platforms because the app ecosystem on the other platforms is just too vast.

    What I missed until now is the simple idea that Apple and Samsung have been battling it out on mobile phone specs to achieve just one goal, and that goal is to enable their respective mobile platforms to support their os's and the parasitic, bloated app culture. Never has it been about instant messaging or a better phone experience.

    While we're all waiting for cross platform BBM to drop [and it may not] I say to non BlackBerry users if you really want to try out BBM for the first time or just revisit an old friend try this:

    Continue to use that premium phone or small tablet [my preference] of your choice that supports the app ecosystem of your choice but use it a little differently. Purchase a heavily discounted os7 legacy BlackBerry that supports hot spot. If you have an existing data plan move it to the legacy BlackBerry.

    Now you can use your os7 BlackBerry for the best communication experience possible for mobile email, texting, and phone calls. When you require a bigger workspace for web surfing, video calls or mobile camera etc..pull out your premium device or small tablet. Wifi availability is not a problem it's everywhere these days or connect via hot spot if wifi is not available. But really, wifi is everywhere.

    What's the upside? Does it mean carrying two devices? Yes maybe, but the upside is the Bold 9930/9900 for example, slides wonderfully in and out of your pocket for easy access to your phone calls, email and messaging in a true lean, refined and secure communication experience that is segregated from the rest of the "stuff" you carry around.

    Let the big boys continue to duke it out between lawsuits on faster processors, more ram, then try to convince you that you need to send more money their way every 6-12 months on their "newest" devices to support their bloated app culture, but you'll have everything you need already to use BBM [or sms], make phone calls and send/receive email. Maybe you won't need to upgrade the premium devices so often.

    The data carriers will hate you too. :-)

    Just a thought.
    09-30-13 12:59 PM
  2. Raestloz's Avatar

    You do realize that humanity has been trying to get better clock speed and better efficiency, right?

    You do realize what better clock speed and better efficiency will allow?

    Better clock speed allows you to execute commands faster, reducing the time between you starting a task and you finishing a task.

    Specs is quite important too, although not to the point that you have to have 4 GHz octacore and 16GB DDR3 RAM. In time, there will be a better ratio of processing power : battery life, everyone needs to move forward too.

    Z10 STL100-1/
    09-30-13 01:11 PM
  3. blackburberry's Avatar

    You do realize that humanity has been trying to get better clock speed and better efficiency, right?
    Of course, but advanced specs are not required to make a phone call or send a message.
    09-30-13 01:21 PM

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