1. vtrd00d's Avatar

    After a very frustrating phone call with verizon tech support, and them telling me theres no way to do it...

    Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is hook up a Verizon Pearl to some surveying equitment to download GPS cords and so forth. What verizon is telling me is that the device has to be running Windows to install the VZaccess manager to connect to services/web via a pc or device.

    All the surveying equitment needs is a way to get to the web, is there a (software) Modem application i can pick up so the phone can get out to the web without verizon craptastic software?

    Thanks for any help!
    04-17-09 02:08 PM
  2. Motorcycle Mama's Avatar
    Nope. Can't be done. Sorry but you need Windows. The device cannot be an internet host for other devices except a PC. At least not currently.
    04-17-09 08:15 PM