1. SaintsfanWPB's Avatar
    I have a BB Storm. I was on a trip last week and while driving home we were looking for a hotel for our overnight stop.

    VZ Nav. had been working the entire trip, including earlier in the day when we were looking for places to stop and eat.

    When I logged in, it wouldn't update my location. I brushed it off as a fluke because we were on the highway and there was heavy tree cover on both sides of the road and it was very overcast and raining.

    However, I am still no longer to find my location standing in my backyard or the parking lot of my office, both of which I never had problems with before. I thought maybe the GPS got turned off accidentally, but BB Maps is working fine.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and has a tip to try.
    08-05-11 07:29 AM
  2. i7guy's Avatar
    Try a battery pull.
    08-12-11 04:58 PM
  3. Powdah's Avatar
    I have to do *228 to get VZ Nav to work each time I want to use it.
    10-10-11 03:25 PM