1. dipid's Avatar
    I know there are years old threads that sound simmilar, but none of them helped me in the end..

    I have a Bold 9780 and want to connect with the Wi-Fi of my University.
    They use Cisco VPN to let students connect.

    I have all the data, put them into my Bold, nothing works.
    Read a lot in forums/on RIMs page etc.

    It does sound as if RIM doesn't let you connect to private VPNs if they (who offer the VPN connection) don't use BES (and pay for it..).

    Do you really need BES to use VPN connections on BBs??
    I mean seriously, that would **** me off..

    I'm totally happy with my Bold, but when the iphone and other smartphones connect so easily to my Uni's VPN, then a BB should too, right. :/
    11-08-11 11:51 AM
  2. dipid's Avatar
    Anyway, i didn't wan't to sound rude or angry^^

    But if anyone has connected to a VPN without BES (meaning only with BIS) please let me know!

    Anything would help
    11-09-11 05:55 AM