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    I know setting up voicemail is SUPER SUPER easy. But I got my torch last week and for some reason I can't set up my voicemail. It says it says for me to press pound, and asks for mailbox number. so i'm guessing that's my phone number. So I type it and it says please enter the mailbox number specified by your system manager. I'm sorry if I'm dumb to this but I really don't know what to do. I've tried and tried. someone please help me ):
    02-02-11 02:05 PM
  2. Mister Xiado's Avatar
    Try calling your own phone number first. Barring that, ask customer care what your voicemail retrieval number is. This is the number your phone calls when you hold 1 to retrieve new messages. That MAY need to be manually reprogrammed in your phone, though it can be corrected quickly and remotely by customer care.

    But as you have a Torch, why not use visual voicemail? Just ask customer care, and it shall be done. Just be warned that surprisingly few people know of it.
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    02-02-11 02:15 PM
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    Good Answer man
    02-02-11 07:24 PM