1. pscheuer's Avatar
    Recently telenav (which has both a US app+plan and a European app +plan) increased their plan fees for Europe (now, 3 month min, about 23 euros). The US plan is still offered @ 9.99 / mo.

    I used be be able to subscribe / load the European version and use it (a bit "crippled" - no city selection - had to be in the city you wanted to navigate to already) in the US, saving me from "double subscribing" when traveling between the US and Europe.

    Being cheap,I don't want to pay the 23 Euros, when I'm only in the EU every few months anyway.

    Does anyone have a suggestion on a full-featured turn by turn app.that can navigate on both continents?

    Please no"nave4all" suggestions as I consider the app.useless without mapping.
    03-01-09 05:42 PM