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    Please help me...I have issues when I call someone or someone calls me their voice gets all distorted and I cannot make out what they are telling me after being on the phone for a while. Do I need to send out my phone to get this fixed? Or is this a common issue for most Bold 9700 series? I love my Bold but the voice audio sucks compared to my old Curve.

    I would really appreciate anyone to respond to this because I really don't know what I can do to fix this matter.

    Thanks so much!!
    08-11-10 02:13 AM
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    You could try the Enhanced Audio mode.
    Menu/Options/Phone Options/Enhanced Audio. I have mine set to:
    Automatic Volume Control-Enabled
    Phone Call Audio-Boost Treble
    Headset Audio-Boost Treble

    You should see a significant improvement unless it's a hardware issue or an Os bug. Best of luck.

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    08-11-10 02:45 AM