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    My deal: What I want to do is to get a blackberry curve 8530 through virgin mobile, with their $25 plan. BUT in the event that I choose not to stay with virgin mobile, I do not want to find that I've purchased a $249.99 electronic suppository. Will this blackberry perform adequately as a PDA if I have no phone service? I realize that it's a CDMA and not a SIM, so there's no way to transfer the phone to another cell network, just wondering how well it functions (including free roaming wifi) without a plan.

    ETA: when people say you can't do email without a phone plan, I assume they mean the blackberry email plan - you can still access things like hotmail and gmail, right? I'm torn between doing this and just getting an ipod-touch and trying to work out a voip phone system - I see it can be done but it's complicated and probably not very reliable. ??
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    You will not be able to access most data features without an active BlackBerry Data Plan. This includes push email, BlackBerry Browser, Facebook, Twitter, all the Google apps.

    You might be able to access some non-BlackBerry data over WiFi without an active data plan. But most things that require data will not work. And without a phone plan active, you might not be able to do anything other than the PDA functions on the device.
    11-11-10 06:46 PM
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    You could install another browser on there like Opera mini or Bolt and then use that to browse over Wifi for mobile sites such as yahoo mobile for checking your email. A BB without BIS?BES is severely hindered but still usable.
    11-11-10 07:16 PM
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    If you purchase the phone and don't like it you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.
    11-11-10 08:12 PM