1. toc610's Avatar
    I was searching out some articles for my friends to read about the virtues of BBM vs f.ex. Whatsapp.
    Found a stream of articles/sites with the excact same heading:
    "10 reasons why BBM for Android is overrated and can't beat Whatsapp..."


    is one example...they seem to be linking to the same article by Ankit Tuteja at IBNlive.com.

    It's really all over the place. Tutejas arguments are a bit iffy, as I see them BTW.

    Did BBM cross platform make somebody nervous? :-)

    Using Q10
    11-05-13 11:56 PM
  2. BergerKing's Avatar
    Made a title edit to better reflect the nature of the story. Kinda the same old saw against BBM.
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    11-06-13 12:48 AM
  3. Ernest101's Avatar
    imo, It isn't really a comparison article, more of a "I'm going to find every single fault with BBM and contrast it with the glory of WhatsApp". There are some valid points raised tho like #2, #4 (emojis are too small to recognize) and #7 (especially NOT all Android devices can use BBM) and #8 some what. I am an Android user (and a long time WhatsApp user), and gosh the BBM app is amazing (aside for the battery drain and occasional bug, but that's because this app is new). As a busy law student and working in a firm part time, I have way too much stuff on my hands, and the BBM app helps me organize things especially with a group of my lawyer friends where we still keep in touch, things from check lists, events management and pictures commenting (lawyers do use memes too) without depending on other apps, or scrolling up a long chat history only to find out what time we are meeting, where and what to bring.

    Don't get me wrong tho, there is definitely more room for improvement for BBM.
    11-06-13 01:21 AM
  4. bobauckland's Avatar
    There are a lot of issues with cross platform BBM.
    But this guy hasn't got a clue.
    The list is as biased against BBM as is possible.

    He's spun all the positives into meh, and all the negatives are accentuated. The price, free, isn't even mentioned.
    One of the most biased articles I've read in a while. Sure, there's some truth in there, but the overall tone and wording makes it clear he's just looking to slam BBM.
    11-06-13 02:55 AM
  5. chopachain's Avatar
    I deleted Whatsapp the same day it went X. How's that for a comparison. I'm sure I wast the only one.

    How about Whatsapp give us the figures of users and not the amount of downloads.
    11-06-13 03:12 AM

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