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    anyone know any software that encodes vids on the mac osx? the vid that came with my curve is mp4 file. i use osx software that creates mp4 vidoes from dvds but havnt had success playing them on my curve. i know videos can b complicated on net etc. on website thier must be a default type video that works on bb browser? i tried watching utube on my curve vids wouldntt play
    any sites have free vids i could try on my bb curve just to see if it works?
    also if images show web page on bb curve browser, is thier way save any those images from bb broswer?
    every day tons questions thanks!!
    11-25-07 01:38 AM
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    Some one else can field you "videos on mac" question, I only know videos on windows and websites, the BB does not support streaming although some people say TinyTube works as well as BlueApple Verizon users tend to report it does NOT, but technically you'll not be able to watch videos via the web browser hit up my sig if you wanna download videos to your computer and then transfer to your BB...to save pictures you see in your web browser you can just highlight the image and press your menu key and go to "Save Image"..
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    11-25-07 02:31 AM